Installation; Important Planning Notes For Contactless Readers - Bosch LECTUS duo 3000 Installation Manual

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LECTUS duo 3000 readers


1. Place the mounting frame (3) on a flat surface.
2. Insert the connection cable through the upper or the lower holes of
the mounting frame (3).
Note: If the connection cable comes straight out of the wall or the
cladding, you can mount the reader without the mounting frame.
3. Use the screw anchors (6) and the long screws (5) to secure the
mounting frame (3).
4. Use the small screws (silver) (7) to attach the back plate (2) to the
mounting frame (3).
5. Clip the reader on the mounting frame (3) and secure it from below
with one of the two small screws (black) (8).
Important planning notes for contactless
Influences on reading distance
Metal in the "active" effective HF field.
Interference with other readers in immediate vicinity (distance < 30
Interference by high-energy sources
Switch mode power supplies
Cable quality, shielding, and cross-section dimension (remaining
input voltage at reader, EMC)
Bosch Security Systems B.V.
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2020-10 | V02 |

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents