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Bosch Center CM-C 19 Operating Instructions Manual

Bosch Center CM-C 19 Operating Instructions Manual

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Center CM-C 19
Operating instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Center CM-C 19 Operating instructions...
  • Page 2 2 | en Controls (1) Display (2) On/off button Short press: Mute/unmute the audio playback in the active area (cockpit or cabin) Medium press (~ 3 seconds): Return to home menu of the active area (cockpit or cabin) Long press (~ 5 seconds): Switch the device on/off Note: If your vehicle provides a steering...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents en | 3 Contents Regulatory information ....8 Operation ........11 4.8 Further system settings .... 21 4.1 Touchscreen controls ..... 11 Symbols used in this document .. 9 4.9 Glass settings ........ 23 4.1.1 Tapping ........... 11 4.9.1 Monitor flip calibration.... 23 Important information ....9 4.1.2 Swiping ........... 11 4.10 Connecting/inserting external 3.1 Cleaning information ..... 10 4.1.3 Zooming the map view .... 11 devices and data storage devices ..
  • Page 4 4 | en Contents FM/AM radio mode ....28 WX Radio mode ......32 SiriusXM radio ......36 5.1 Listening to the radio ..... 28 6.1 Listening to the radio ..... 32 8.1 Activating your SiriusXM Subscription ........ 36 5.2 The tuner display ...... 28 6.2 The WX Radio display .... 32 8.2 Listening to SiriusXM ..... 36 5.3 Calling up the tuner display ... 29 6.3 Listening to a station ..... 32 8.3 The SiriusXM display ...... 36 5.4 RDS .
  • Page 5 Contents en | 5 Playing media ......43 10 Navigation ........47 8.10 Traffic and weather messages .. 39 8.10.1 Selecting a city for traffic and 9.1 Selecting a media source .... 43 10.1 Starting navigation ...... 47 weather messages ...... 39 9.2 Calling up the audio/video display . 43 10.2 Entering a destination .... 47 8.10.2 Playing traffic and weather messages ........ 40 10.2.1 Opening the Destinations menu .. 47 9.3 Audio playback .
  • Page 6 6 | en Contents 10.7 Map view and map options .... 53 10.10 Specifying the guidance and safety 11 Intercom and telephone .... 65 settings .......... 59 10.7.1 Opening the map view .... 53 11.1 Making an intercom call .... 65 10.7.2 The map view during an active 10.10.1 Opening the guidance settings .. 59 11.2 Starting phone mode ..... 65 route guidance session .... 53 10.10.2 Guidance and safety settings .. 59 10.7.3 Repeating the current navigation 11.3 Switching between phone and 10.11 Specifying custom route announcement ........
  • Page 7 Contents en | 7 12 Cameras ........70 14 Points of interest – symbol 11.12 Activating the voice control system of the connected mobile phone .. 68 overview........74 12.1 Displaying the current camera picture ........... 70 15 Technical data ......75 11.13 Further settings ...... 69 11.13.1 Ringtone of the mobile phone .. 69 12.2 Selecting a particular camera 11.13.2 Phone-book sort order .... 69 picture for the cockpit area ... 70 12.3 Rear-view camera ...... 70 12.3.1 Displaying the rear-view camera picture .
  • Page 8: Regulatory Information

    Hereby, Robert Bosch GmbH declares that the Operation is subject to the following two condi- Connect the equipment into an outlet on a radio equipment type Center CM-C 19 is in tions: circuit different from that to which the compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU.
  • Page 9: Symbols Used In This Document

    Modelo: Center CM-C 19 aged. Intended use The Center CM-C 19 must be installed in a 1-DIN In addition to these warnings, the following La operación de este equipo esta sujeta a las compartment with space for a 2-DIN front face...
  • Page 10: Cleaning Information

    10 | en Important information | Operation and operate the device while the Risk of electrical shock or Note: vehicle is stationary. fire Some pixels in the display are darker or You must always be able to hear If you disassemble the device, it might brighter than others.
  • Page 11: Operation

    Operation en | 11 4 Operation You do not need to exert pressure on the display Place two fingers on the map display area and surface. let your fingers rest on the surface. Then move your fingers towards one another (zoom out) or 4.1 Touchscreen controls 4.1.1 Tapping away from one another (zoom in).
  • Page 12: Adjusting The Volume

    12 | en Operation In stand-by mode, the display is switched off 4.4 Home menu for cockpit and all corresponding tiles can be directly and no operation is possible. cabin area accessed without swiping. The cockpit and cabin area home menus give 13:45 To switch the device back to normal operation, you access to all main modes of operation.
  • Page 13: Switch Between The Home Menus

    Operation en | 13 4.4.3 Switch between the home 4.4.4 Direct selection of functions Information on the Radio tile: menus in the home menu Current radio source (e.g. FM, AM) To switch between the cockpit home menu and TA icon (Traffic Message Priority Status) The RADIO tile Active mute icon the home menu for the cabin area, f swipe to the left (home menu for the cabin Details about the current radio station (eg...
  • Page 14 14 | en Operation The Media tile Functions on the Media tile: The Navigation tile f Tap the icon (1), to switch to radio playback. Note: f Tap the title bar (2) to display the available 3:45 media and radio sources and, if necessary, to Only available for the cockpit area.
  • Page 15 Operation en | 15 The Phone tile The Camera tile The Map tile Note: Note: Only available for the cockpit area. Only available for the cabin area. Camera Rear view camera Phone My Phone Information on the Camera tile: Functions on the Map tile: Information on the Phone tile: f Tap on any of the areas (1), (2) or (3) to Currently selected camera...
  • Page 16: The Bottom Menu

    16 | en Operation 4.4.5 The bottom menu f Tap , to open the system settings. 4.5 The displays of the main operat- ing modes f Tap , to start the voice control (only, if 13:45 cockpit area is active). Navigation Radio f Tap , to return to the home menu. 4.5.1 Radio listening and playing media f Tap...
  • Page 17: Telephone

    Operation en | 17 4.5.2 Telephone 4.5.4 Switching between the 4.6 Sound settings Phone menu, Calls list: displays of the main To adjust the sound settings, operating modes f If necessary, first call up the home menu for You can switch from the display of one main the desired area (cockpit, cabin area).
  • Page 18: Cockpit Sound Settings

    18 | en Operation 4.6.1 Cockpit sound settings menu level menu level menu level Function Sound settings Bass f Tap to decrease or increase the value. Treble f Tap to decrease or increase the value. Balance f Tap [<]/[>] to shift the sound towards the left or right. Equalizer presets Flat Select a preset equalizer profile.
  • Page 19: Cabin Sound Settings

    Operation en | 19 4.6.2 Cabin sound settings menu level menu level menu level Function Sound settings Bass f Tap to decrease or increase the value. Treble f Tap to decrease or increase the value. Fader f Tap [<]/[>] to shift the sound towards the front or rear. Min.
  • Page 20 20 | en Operation menu level menu level menu level Function Display Brightness Manually adjust the display brightness of the current mode. f Tap to decrease or increase the value. Mode Choose an option: Day: Day mode Night Night: Night mode Automatic Automatic: If supported by your vehicle, the display switches between day and night mode automatically.
  • Page 21: Further System Settings

    Reset to factory Center CM-C 19 f Tap the desired system component to start resetting. settings Note: If the Center CM-C 19 is a stand-alone unit, you don’t enter the 2 menu <Component N> level. Tap to confirm and start resetting.
  • Page 22 22 | en Operation menu level menu level menu level Function Software update <Update 1> <Update 1 information> history View information about updates of the system devices. <Update N> <Update N information> Switch on/off Blue- Activate or deactivate Bluetooth. tooth f Tap Switch on/off Bluetooth to turn on/off this option.
  • Page 23: Glass Settings

    Operation en | 23 4.9 Glass settings The system settings are displayed. Notes: To adjust the settings for the cabin monitors, f Tap Glass settings. To scroll through the available set- f if necessary, first call up the home menu for tings, touch the list area and swipe the cabin.
  • Page 24: Connecting/Inserting External Devices And Data Storage Devices

    24 | en Operation 4.9.1 Monitor flip calibration – MPEG-2 – Album When swivel holder receives a calibration com- – Flash Video Sorenson Spark – Genre – Cover art mand, it starts moving towards the close posi- tion with a constant speed until no further rota- The following restrictions apply for the data Applicable playlist extensions: tion is possible for 2 seconds.
  • Page 25: Usb Storage Device/Apple

    Operation en | 25 4.10.2 USB storage device/Apple 4.10.3 Connecting a device via Codecs Bluetooth® General information – WMA 9 The external devices connected to the USB – WMA 10 Notes: port must comply with the USB Mass Storage Bitrates You can connect up to two BT Class specification (USB MSC).
  • Page 26 26 | en Operation Opening the Select Bluetooth device menu (3) Supported Bluetooth® functions of the Note: Please refer to your mobile phone’s connection: f In the home menu, if necessary, tap the icon instruction manual for information on : Telephone of the intercom tile to switch to phone tile.
  • Page 27 Operation en | 27 load the phone book and call lists Notes: may vary depending on the con- If the mobile phone is unpaired nected mobile phone. during an active call, the call is interrupted. The call can then be Connecting/disconnecting an already paired continued on the mobile phone if mobile phone...
  • Page 28: Fm/Am Radio Mode

    28 | en FM/AM radio mode 5 FM/AM radio mode (AM/FM) broadcasts. For additional (1) Button : Open the Source Selection information, please refer to the menu section entitled “HD Radio trouble- (2) Current waveband Notes: shooting” (page 31). (3) Button : Change frequency AM reception: Generally, strong AM (4) Indication if traffic announcement prio- signals provide stable sound quality...
  • Page 29: Calling Up The Tuner Display

    FM/AM radio mode en | 29 RDS is supported in your receiving area can enable or disable regional mode. With 5.4.2 Regional mode – on/off or by the current station. regional mode enabled, the device is pre- f In radio mode, tap the bottom menu tab (13) vented from switching to alternative frequen- and then tap the button.
  • Page 30: Tuning Stations

    30 | en FM/AM radio mode 5.6 Tuning stations The receivable stations are played one after Radio options another for around 10 seconds each. 5.6.1 Tuning stations manually To continue listening to the station that is cur- Sound settings f Tap (3) or (7) once or several times to rently being scanned, Show radio text...
  • Page 31: Cancelling A Playing Traffic Announcement

    FM/AM radio mode en | 31 f Tap Show traffic announcements. The device will play a traffic announcement as f Tap while the traffic announcement is Traffic announcement priority is enabled when soon as it receives one. The received station is playing.
  • Page 32: Wx Radio Mode

    32 | en WX Radio mode 6 WX Radio mode 6.2 The WX Radio display 6.4 Wheather alerts – on/off f In WX Radio mode, tap the bottom menu tab (5) and then tap the button. Note: Radio options If the stations in your reception area do not support WX Radio, you will not be Sound settings 162.400 MHz able to use these functions.
  • Page 33: Dab+ Radio Mode

    DAB+ radio mode en | 33 7 DAB+ radio mode 7.2 The DAB display 7.4 DAB features With DAB radio, a service represents a pro- gramme of a radio station. Notes: Several services are transmitted on the same This function is only available if the frequency.
  • Page 34: Preselecting Programme Types

    34 | en DAB+ radio mode Notes: 7.9 Listening to a service’s second- f Tap DAB category filter. ary audio channel If available, the DAB service list also The available programme types are displayed. contains the secondary audio chan- If a service provides an alternative audio chan- DAB category lter nel of services.
  • Page 35: Displaying Dab Extra Information

    DAB+ radio mode en | 35 7.11 Displaying DAB extra informa- 7.12 DAB-FM linking tion A service may be receivable via DAB and on FM You can preset whether DAB extra information is simultaneously. If DAB-FM linking is enabled and shown or hidden. the current DAB service becomes unavailable, f In DAB mode, tap the bottom menu tab (6) the device automatically switches to FM recep- and then tap the...
  • Page 36: Siriusxm Radio

    36 | en SiriusXM radio 8 SiriusXM radio Note: 8.2 Listening to SiriusXM Note: the SiriusXM Radio ID does not f If necessary, call up the main menu for the SiriusXM is where moments happen. The wid- include the letters I, O, S or F. desired area (cockpit, passenger compart- est, deepest variety of music, ad-free.
  • Page 37: Calling Up The Siriusxm Display

    SiriusXM radio en | 37 (4) Scan button: Start Tune Scan function 8.5 Selecting channels channels are dynamic and can change often, allowing you to discover new (5) SXM menu button: Open SiriusXM menu 8.5.1 Selecting a channel from the channels. (6) Replay/Presets button: Switch between channel list live mode and replay mode 8.5.3 Direct tune...
  • Page 38: Storing And Selecting Favorite Channels

    38 | en SiriusXM radio 8.7 Storing and selecting favorite minutes until the scan function and the Continuous tap: Continuously skip forward/ channels Scan button (4) is enabled. backward in gradually increased steps (up to 10 seconds) You can store up to 18 channels to the memory f Tap Scan (4).
  • Page 39: Alert For Favorite Song Or Artist

    SiriusXM radio en | 39 If the maximum number of artists or f Tap the desired song or artist. 8.10 Traffic and weather messages songs is already stored, a corre- You can recieve traffic and weather messages 8.9.4 Editing favorite songs and sponding popup message will for a selected city. appear.
  • Page 40: Playing Traffic And Weather Messages

    40 | en SiriusXM radio 8.10.2 Playing traffic and weather 8.11.1 Selecting sports teams Tap No, to return to the current messages f In SiriusXM radio mode, tap the bottom menu SportsFlash playback. To play current traffic and/or weather messages, button (8) and then tap the button. If no teams are selected, a pop-up f tap the Weather (11) button.
  • Page 41: Editing Sportsflashes

    SiriusXM radio en | 41 f Tap SportsFlash history. 8.12 Further settings f Tap the desired SportsFlash. 8.12.1 Notification settings 8.11.5 Editing SportsFlashes You can turn on/off alerts for favorite songs, f In SiriusXM radio mode, tap the bottom menu artists, SportsFlashes and alerts on non-audio button (8) and then tap the button.
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    42 | en SiriusXM radio 8.13 Troubleshooting Displayed text Description and recommendation Check Antenna The radio has detected a fault with the SiriusXM antenna. The antenna cable may be either disconnected or damaged. f Verify that the antenna cable is connected to the device. f Inspect the antenna cable for damage and kinks.
  • Page 43: Playing Media

    Playing media en | 43 9 Playing media 9.2 Calling up the audio/video dis- Note: play The information that is available While you are playing media: depends on the current audio source: Note: f In the home menu, tap the main area of the Information on MP3 tracks must be To connect or insert an external device, media tile.
  • Page 44: Pausing Playback

    44 | en Playing media The title information area (2) provides informa- 9.4 Video playback tion on the current track, audiobook or podcast, f Touch the playback progress bar (4) and for instance: swipe left or right along the bar to alter the Safety notice Artist position in the title continuously.
  • Page 45: Pausing Playback

    Playing media en | 45 (2) Picture area 9.4.3 Skipping to the next/previous 9.5 Media browser title Using the media browser you can select audio button: Skip to next title and video titles for playback. f Tap (3) or (5). button: Pause playback The next or previous title is played. When playback is paused: button: 9.5.1 The browser display...
  • Page 46: Selecting Titles

    46 | en Playing media The main categories are: Only the episodes of the selected podcast 9.5.3 Closing the browser without Title: selecting a title are subsequently played. Select a title from all the available titles. All Video: f Tap (1). titles of the media source are subsequently Select an episode from an available video.
  • Page 47: Navigation

    Navigation en | 47 10 Navigation Note: The Destinations menu is displayed: This navigation system calculates the Destinations current vehicle position using satellite Note: signals, various vehicle signals, map Previous Favourites This function is only available if the data, etc. However, an accurate posi- New address Geo coordinates device is equipped with a navigation...
  • Page 48: Entering An Address

    48 | en Navigation 10.2.2 Entering an address Note: start route guidance. You will then automatically be guided to the city If the “Lock keypad while driving” set- Note: centre. ting is enabled, you will only be able to Only addresses within the scope of the access the keyboard while the vehicle f Tap to start route guidance.
  • Page 49: Selecting A Point Of Interest

    Navigation en | 49 Notes: f Tap POIs nearby or MyPOIs nearby. The system calculates the route to the selected You can use both methods to search The available point of interest categories are destination. for a point of interest stored in the displayed.
  • Page 50: Entering Coordinates

    50 | en Navigation f Tap the desired point of interest. f Enter the coordinates. f Tap the [x] button. Details about the point of interest and a map of f The location details view of the selected Notes: the surrounding area are displayed (see the location is displayed.
  • Page 51: Location Details View

    Navigation en | 51 Note: 10.3.1 Areas of the location details button: Delete the location (only for If a route guidance session is already view previous destinations, favourites or way- active, you can choose points; only if no route guidance is active) whether the current destination or, button: Delete all locations of the list if applicable, the current waypoint (either previous destinations, favourites...
  • Page 52: Storing The Home Address

    52 | en Navigation If you want to store the favourite as Notes: f After specifying the address, tap Set as the home address and a home If you delete a waypoint, the route is home to store the entered address as the address is already stored, you are recalculated and displayed in the home address.
  • Page 53: Map View And Map Options

    Navigation en | 53 f Enter the new destination as described in the (13) Name of the current road 10 11 section entitled “Entering a destination” (14) Bottom menu tab (page 47). (15) Estimated time of arrival or estimated 12:34 As soon as you tap , the Route guidance is remaining travel time...
  • Page 54: Displaying Tmc Messages

    54 | en Navigation and whether f Tap on a message to display details about this The details view of the location is displayed (see a 2D map is shown or message. the section entitled “Location details view” a 3D map is shown. (page 51)).
  • Page 55: Cancelling Route Guidance

    Navigation en | 55 10.8.4 Searching for a point of 10.8.6 Displaying the route list f Tap in the map view. interest on the route or near f In the Route menu, tap Show route list. the destination The route sections up ahead on your journey are During an active route guidance session, you displayed. f Tap the Route tab in the Destinations menu.
  • Page 56: Displaying The List Of Waypoints

    56 | en Navigation All route sections between the two selected 10.8.8 Displaying the list of f in navigation mode, touch the tab at the sections are blocked. waypoints bottom of the screen. f Tap Recalculate route. f In the Route menu, tap Waypoints. f Tap the button.
  • Page 57: More Map Setting Options

    Navigation en | 57 10.9.3 More map setting options menu level menu level menu level Function Map orientation North up Set the map orientation. f Tap the desired option. Heading up Left split map settings Map orientation North up Set the map orientation of the left map (if Split 2D map or Split 3D map is selected as Map view).
  • Page 58: Secondary Map Settings

    58 | en Navigation menu level menu level menu level Function Tracking dots Show tracking dots on map f Tap the option to turn it on or off. Distance between tracking dots 50 m Set the distance between tracking dots. f Tap the desired option.
  • Page 59: Specifying The Guidance And Safety

    Navigation en | 59 10.10 Specifying the guidance and 10.10.1 Opening the guidance Notes: safety settings settings To scroll through the available set- With the guidance settings you can specify route To adjust the map settings, tings, touch the list area and swipe guidance options. f in navigation mode, touch the tab at the up or down.
  • Page 60: Route Preference Settings

    60 | en Navigation 10.12 Route preference settings menu level menu level menu level Function Route preferences Route criteria Shortest Set the route type to be used for the route guidance calculation. Fastest f Tap the desired option. Optimised Route options Use time restricted roads f Tap the option and select the desired setting: Use roads that have seasonal Always / When open / Never...
  • Page 61: Traffic Information Settings

    Navigation en | 61 10.13 Traffic information settings 10.13.1 Opening the Traffic Info Notes: With the traffic information settings you can Settings menu To scroll through the available set- specify how to use and display traffic informa- To adjust the traffic information settings, tings, touch the list area and swipe tion.
  • Page 62: Vehicle Settings

    62 | en Navigation 10.14.2 Vehicle settings menu level menu level menu level Function Vehicle settings Profile Default Profile 1 Select a vehicle profile. f Tap the desired option. Profile 3 Height Length Set the parameters of the currently selected profile. f Tap [–]/[+] to decrease or increase the value.
  • Page 63: Displaying Information On The

    Navigation en | 63 10.15 Displaying information on the Therefore, please always ensure you The name of the csv file represents the name of current position observe the actual road conditions and the point of interest category. When setting up a f in navigation mode, touch the tab at the the traffic regulations that are in force.
  • Page 64: My Pois Settings

    64 | en Navigation 10.16.2 My POIs settings menu level menu level menu level Function My POIs POI warning Select if and how the system displays a warning when you approach a On and beep point of interest warning’s location f Tap the desired option. Download from USB flash drive See the following section.
  • Page 65: Intercom And Telephone

    Intercom and telephone en | 65 11 Intercom and The intercom menu is displayed: 11.4 The phone menu f Tap the desired intercom connection. telephone The connection is called. Phone X 11.2 Starting phone mode Calls Contacts Dial pad Road safety Contact 017 12-06-2021 Using the hands-free facility while Note: Contact 002 12-06-2021...
  • Page 66: Answering/Rejecting A Call

    66 | en Intercom and telephone Under the Calls tab, the list of calls is displayed: 11.5 Answering/rejecting a call 11.7 Dialling a number This notification appears when you receive an f In the phone menu, tap the Dial pad tab, if : Incoming calls incoming call: necessary.
  • Page 67: Calling An Entry In The Call List

    Intercom and telephone en | 67 11.9 Calling an entry in the call list 11.10 Second call Multiple call The call list stores the numbers that have been You can manage two calls simultaneously if you dialled and the numbers of received calls. answer another call during your current call. Caller 1 2:35 active Caller 2...
  • Page 68: Incoming Text Message Display - On/Off

    68 | en Intercom and telephone The following notification appears when an 11.11.2 Incoming text message 11.12 Activating the voice control incoming text message arrives: display – on/off system of the connected mobile phone f In phone mode, tap the bottom menu tab (6) New text message from and then tap the button.
  • Page 69: Further Settings

    Intercom and telephone en | 69 11.13 Further settings 11.13.2 Phone-book sort order You can select the order in which the phone- 11.13.1 Ringtone of the mobile book entries are displayed. phone f In phone mode, tap the bottom menu tab (6) and then tap the button. Note: The telephone settings are displayed.
  • Page 70: Cameras

    70 | en Cameras 12 Cameras f In the main menu, tap the title bar of the Notes: camera tile. This function is only available if the The Camera selection menu is displayed. vehicle is equipped with a rear view Note: f Tap the desired camera profile.
  • Page 71: Picture Settings For The Rear-View Camera

    Cameras en | 71 12.3.2 Picture settings for the rear- 12.4 Selecting a particular camera view camera picture for the cabin area f If necessary, call up the main menu for the Note: cabin area. You can only change the settings while f In the main menu, tap the title bar of the rear-view camera picture is displayed. camera tile.
  • Page 72: Voice Control

    To start voice control, In the main menu you will find a selection of Neither Bosch nor its suppliers shall be f tap the bottom menu tab and then tap the voice commands that you can use directly for liable for any damages arising out of button.
  • Page 73: Saying Voice Commands

    Voice control en | 73 Playing media (audio) 13.2.3 Opening the menu for an To select the desired item, – Start playback of a song, audiobook or operating mode f say the number of the corresponding list podcast For each operating mode there is a separate item, e.g.
  • Page 74: Displaying The Current Camera Overview

    74 | en Points of interest – symbol overview 14 Points of interest – symbol overview Symbol Description Symbol Description Symbol Description Vacation, rental Swimming pool Railway station Gas station Casino Airport, airline access Hotel, motel Movie theatre Rest area Parking area Marina ATM cash dispenser Restaurant Winery Beach...
  • Page 75: Technical Data

    Points of interest – symbol overview | Technical data en | 75 15 Technical data Output power 2 x 20 W Display 7” capacitive touch Symbol Description Power Supply 13.5 V (via CM-A 19) display, 800 x 480 Shopping pixels Current consumption Motorway entry/exit In operation 1.6 A, active navigation...
  • Page 76 76 | en This product is protected by certain intellectual chips, hard drives, memory cards and the like) TomTom End User License Agreement property rights of Microsoft. Use or distribution for revenue-generating purposes. An independ- (2021.03) of such technology outside of this product is ent license for such use is required.
  • Page 78 78 | en States Government or any other public entity or B. As of the Effective Date, the following restric- D. Additional provisions with respect to the funded in whole or in part by the United States tion applies to the Post Canada FSA layer and Speed Profiles, TomTom Traffic, and any other Government, then End User hereby agrees to Canada 6-digit layer: The 6-digit alpha/numeric...
  • Page 79 en | 79...
  • Page 80 06/21 – CVO/PRM-CM...

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