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Major Components - Acer 700ed User Manual

Acer altos 700ed server: user guide
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Major Components

The system board has the following major components:
Four 72-pin SIMM sockets labeled Bank 0 and Bank 1 (two
sockets comprise one bank)
One CPU board slot
Five 32-bit EISA expansion slots supporting master/slave add-on
Three PCI local bus slots
128/256-KB Flash memory for easy system BIOS upgrade
I/O interfaces for two serial ports, one parallel port, diskette
drives, IDE drives, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse
Enhanced IDE on PCI bus supports two IDE ports for four IDE
devices (IDE models)
Onboard AIC-7870 chip supports one 8-bit Fast SCSI-II port
(SCSI models)
Power connector 1 for 200-watt/350-watt switching power supply
(for ID3P and IDAB housings)
Power connector 2 for 350-watt
(additional connector for models using IDU housing)
Figure 1-1 shows the location of the major components on the board.
switching power supply
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