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Software Error Messages; System Error Messages - Acer 700ed User Manual

Acer altos 700ed server: user guide
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Software Error Messages

Software error messages are returned by your operating system or
These messages typically occur after you boot the
operating system or when you run your application. If you receive
this type of message, consult your application or operating system
manual for help.

System Error Messages

A system error message indicates a problem with the computer itself.
A message of this type normally appears during the power-on self-
test, before the operating system prompt appears. Table 1-5 lists the
system error messages.
Table 1-5
System Error Messages
CMOS Battery Error
CMOS Checksum Error
Display Card Mismatch
Diskette Drive Controller Error or
Not Installed
Diskette Drive Error
Diskette Drive A Type Mismatch
Diskette Drive B Type Mismatch
Equipment Configuration Error
Fixed Disk Controller Error
Replace the RTC chip or contact
your dealer.
Check the RTC chip and the
necessary jumper. If the battery is
still good, run Setup.
Run Setup
Check and connect the control
cable to the diskette controller.
Diskette may be defective. If not,
replace the diskette drive.
Run Setup and select the proper
drive type.
Run Setup and select the proper
drive type.
Modify DRAM configuration to
agree with one of the options in
Tables 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3.
Run Setup.
User's Guide

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