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Scsi Feature - Acer 700ed User Manual

Acer altos 700ed server: user guide
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SCSI Feature

The system board features a single-chip SCSI host adapter that adds
SCSI I/O capability to the system. The chipset consists of an onboard
microcontroller, bus master interface controller, and SCSI controllers.
A 50-pin Fast SCSI-2 interface with 10 MB/s transfer rate and a 68-
pin Wide SCSI interface that transfers at 20 MB/s also come with the
board to accommodate the SCSI devices.
Before connecting any SCSI device to the 68-pin interface, connect a
Wide SCSI daughter board that has a compact 68-pin SCSI
connector. Figure 1-3 illustrates the daughter board.
68-pin compact SCSI connector
68-pin Wide SCSI connector (female)
Figure 1-3
Wide SCSI Daughter Board
User's Guide

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