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Correcting Error Conditions - Acer 700ed User Manual

Acer altos 700ed server: user guide
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Correcting Error Conditions

As a general rule, if an error message says "Press F1 to continue," it
is caused by a configuration problem, which can be easily corrected.
An equipment malfunction is more likely to cause a fatal error, i.e., an
error that causes complete system failure.
Here are some corrective measures for error conditions:
Run Setup. You must know the correct configuration values for
your system before you enter Setup, which is why you should
write them down when the system is correctly configured. An
incorrect configuration is a major cause of power-on error
messages, especially for a new system.
Remove the system cover, following the directions in the housing
installation manual. Check that the jumpers on the system board
and any expansion boards are set correctly.
If you cannot access a new disk, it may be because your disk is
not properly formatted. Format the disk first using the FDISK
and FORMAT commands.
Check that all connectors and boards are secure.
If you go through these steps and still receive an error message, the
cause may be an equipment malfunction.
If you are sure that your configuration values are correct and your
battery is in good condition, the problem may lie in a damaged or
defective chip.
In either case, contact an authorized service center for assistance.
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