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11.2 Run software
Click [Start], then [System], and choose "ACV Transcoder". The interface of "ACV
Transcoder.exe"looks as follows.
Input File: The video file that needs conversion and its path
Output File : The video file that has finished conversion and its storage path.
Start Pos: Setting the starting point of the video file that will be played or converted.
End Pos: Set the ending point of the video file that will be played or converted.
Select: Confirm the starting and ending positions of the video file that will be converted.
Deselect: Cancel the setup of the starting and ending position of the video file.
Transcode: Start to convert the video file.
Stop: Stop converting.
Attention: DirectX9.0 and upper edition is needed before using conversion tool.
IV Common Problems and Solutions
The following part is some of the common problems in dealing with the product. Please
check it first before contacting the Customer Service Center.
1. Q: The player cannot be started and LCD doesn't show anything, why?
A: Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
2. Q: why are the keys not functioning?
A: 1) Check if there is a "Hold" sign on LCD.
2) If there is a "Hold" sign, please push Hold button up and unlock the keys.


Table of Contents

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