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9.4 System Setup
There are four items listed after entering System Setup, namely Sleep, Auto shutdown, Set
Default and Information. Press " "or" "to choose the needed one and press "ENTER" to
the detailed interface.
Sleep: It sets the power-off time and it contains 5 options—OFF, 15m, 30m, 60m and 90m.
Press " "or" "to choose the needed one and press "ENTER" for confirmation.
Autoshutdown: It sets the auto shut d own time when there is no operation. There are 3
items—1 min, 3 min and 5 min. Press " "or" "to choose the needed one and press
"ENTER" for confirmation.
Attention: When there is no operation during the process of playing music or video, the
function of Auto shutdown is invalid.
Set Default: There will be a window ejecting that "whether restore the defaulted setup".
Press" "or" "to select "Yes" or "No" to restore or not.
Information: Information such as the rest space, total space and software edition will be
provided under Information interface.

10 Firmware Upgradation

To download a new firmware to realize its upgradation can follow the steps as follows:
1) Visit the home page of Acer Corp (Http:// and download the
newest firmware.
2) Link the player to the computer with USB cable.
3) Copy the newest firmware to the root directory of MP340 player's built-in hard disk.
4) Safely unplug the player with its USB cable and the computer.
5) Restart the player and it will finish the upgradation automatically.
Attention: Make sure that there is sufficient power before upgradation. The product will
suffer badly if power breaks in the process of upgradation. Therefore, be sure to maintain
the persistent power supply by linking it with the Power Adaptor to a power outlet before the
upgradation takes place.

11 Video Formats Conversion Tool

This tool converts the video formats to ACV formats which are readable in MP340 player.
11.1 Install software
Put the accessory installing disk into CD-ROM of a computer and it will automatically work
and click the install button of the conversion tool and follow the clues by clicking "Next
Step" to finish its installation.


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