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Acer mp-340 20gb: user guide
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6 Disk Directory Management

1) When the device is connected to the computer normally, a disk symbol will show in
[windows explorer] and it includes 7 directories: [music], [Video], [photo], [text],
[Recorder], [Filecopy]and[Config]
Attention: The defaulted directories under the root directory such as [music], [Video],
[photo], [text], [Recorder], [Filecopy] and [Config], can never be deleted or any abnormal
working might occur in the device. In case of any accidental deletion, format the disk of the
device and restart it. MP340 player will automatically build these directories yet the original
data will be lost.
2) Please put your files into accordant directories.
Music Directory music files
Video Directory Video files
Photo Directory Picture files
Text Directory
Recorder Directory Audio recording
Filecopy Directory
Config Direct

7 The Linkage and Safe Remove of USB Cable

7.1 Link the USB cable
Link the MP3 player with the computer by USB cable, and the screen of
following picture. It means the next step of copying data can start.
When the player is transferring data, no direct break between the player and computer is
allowed. Please safely remove the player device from the computer.
7.2 Safely remove the USB cable from the computer
1) Right-click the "Plug and play" button in taskbar and choose "Safely remove the
Electronic books
Copyed files
ory System files
will show the


Table of Contents

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