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2) Under Photo list , press " "or" "to select needed picture and press "ENTER" to
display it. (see Pic 13)
3) When viewing the pictures, press " "or" " to view the previous or the next picture.
Press "ESC" will return to the photo list; or press "MODE" to return to the main
4) When viewing the pictures, press "ENTER" to a set interface as in Pic 14. Viewing
modes and the relevant property of photos can be set.
Rotate: Rotate the picture 90°clockwise
Game: Set the current picture as the Puzzle game's target.
Desktop: Set the current picture as the desktop.
Slide Show: View pictures in a slide show mode.

4 Video Playing

1) Select "Video" under the main menu, as in Pic 15 and press "ENTER" to the video
playing list as in Pic 16.
2) Press " "or" "to select the wanted video file and press "ENTER" to play it, see pic
3) The player only supports ACV files and the video files in other formats should be
converted into the readable formats. The latter part lists the instruction for the
conversion tool.
Pic 16
Pic 17


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