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Acer mp-340 20gb: user guide
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Repeat One: Repeat one song and the symbol is
Repeat Folder: Repeat all the songs in music file and the symbol is
Random: Play music at random and the symbol is
Intro: Play the first 10 seconds period of all the songs orderly and its symbol is
7) A-B replay
When music is playing, press "A-B" button once to determine the beginning of the period
you want to repeat, see Pic 9; Press "A-B" again to specify the end of the section, see Pic
10. Then this period of the music will be repeated over and over. One more press "A-B" will
end the repetition.
Pic 9
Pic 10
8) Sound effect:
The player has built in 8 sound effect, namely Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop, 3D
sound, Bass and User EQ. Sound effect can be set under Mode
Music Equalizer.
9) Lyrics Synchronization
If a *.MP3 file and a *.LRC file of the same music are copied into the player, the lyrics will
show the same time when the music is playing.
Attention: the MP3 file and the LRC file of the same music must be under the same name.
For example, only these files are named as "The Sound Of Silence.MP3 "and "The Sound
of Silence.LRC", can the lyrics synchronization be realized.

3 Picture Reviewing

1) Select "Photo" under the main menu and press "ENTER" to the Photo list (see from
Pic 11 to Pic 12). The player is only supportive to jpg files.


Table of Contents

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