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Uninstall In Mac Os; Uninstall In Linux; Functions And Guide; Power On/Off - Acer Advanced MP3 Player User Manual

Advanced mp3 player
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Uninstall in MAC OS 9.X
1) Choose "Untitled" disk
2) Click the menu "others" and choose "pull out" then click;
3) when the system indication "Now you can pull the box-hardware from USB equipment,
because Macintosh has finished its management", then click "OK" to pull out the Acer
Advanced MP3 Player from the USB interface.
Uninstall in Linux 2.4 core
Before unplugging the MP3 Player,type in the order "umount /mnt ". The system
will release the flash disk and then you can unplug the device safely.

Functions and guide

In the menu mode, the mode key is for conform a selection and for enter or return to
the submenu.
Power ON / OFF
Press "Power on/Play/pause/Stop/Power off "(
Press "Power on/Play/pause/Stop/Power off" (
In the standby mode, the player will shut down automatically when the machine is not
being operated for 30 seconds.
Play music files
If you turn on the MP3 Player, the player will enter the standby mode, press
"button; Or when you connect the player to computer, Press "mode" key, you
will activate the music play mode, as the following graphic:
In Play mode, press "
"or "
" button to select the next or previous song
) button 2-3sec to turn on.
) button 3-5sec to turn off while



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