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Engineering Notes; Safety Notes - Siemens OpenAir GEB 1 Series Technical Basics

Actuators without spring return
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Intended use
Please observe the
following notes
Safety note
General regulations
Earthing of
G0 (system neutral)
Recommendation on
earthing G0
Building Technologies

Engineering notes

Carefully study the basics of the control systems used before proceeding to the
sections below, and pay special attention to all safety-related information.
Use these actuators in a system only for applications as described in the basic system
documentation of the control systems used. Additionally, note the actuator-specific
properties and conditions as described in this chapter and in chapter 8 "Technical data"
in this document.

Safety notes

This chapter explains general and system-specific regulations for mains and operating
voltages. It also contains important information regarding your own safety and that of
your plant.
The warning triangle to the left means that you must observe all respectively listed
regulations and notes.
If ignored, injuries and equipment damages may result.
Observe the following general regulations during engineering and project execution:
Electric and high-power regulations of the respective country.
Other mandatory country regulations.
House installation regulations of the respective country.
Regulations by the energy supplier.
Diagrams, cable lists, dispositions, specifications, and instructions as per the
customer or the engineering company.
Third-party regulations from, e.g., the general contractors or building contractors.
Electrical safety in Landis & Staefa building automation and control systems primarily
depends on extra-low voltage with safe isolation from mains voltage.
Depending on the earthing of extra-low voltage, SELV or PELV applications as per
HD384 "Electrical plants in buildings" result:
Unearthed = Safety Extra-Low Voltage SELV
Grounded =
Protection by Extra-Low Voltage PELV
Observe the following for grounding G0:
As a rule, earthing as well as non-earthing of G0 is permissible for AC 24 V
operating voltage. However, observe all local regulations and customary
For functional reasons, earthing may be required or not permissible.
As a rule, ground AC 24 V systems if not otherwise indicated by the
To avoid earth loops, connect systems with PELV to the earth at only one end in
the system, normally at the transformer, unless otherwise specified.
Actuators without spring return GEB...1



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