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Electrical Function Check - Siemens OpenAir GEB 1 Series Technical Basics

Actuators without spring return
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Rotary movement:
Three-position control
GEB13..1, GEB33..1
Rotary movement:
Modulating control
Characteristic function for
the positioning signal
GEB163.1, GEB164.1
Position indicator
Feedback potentiometer
Auxiliary switches
A and B
Factory setting
DIL switch
for GEB16..1
Rotary direction
Building Technologies

Electrical function check

Check the actuator operating states as follows (see also chapter 9.3 Connection
diagrams (three-position control)).
Wire connections
AC 24 V
AC 230 V
1 – 6
4 – 6
1 – 7
4 – 7
1 – 6 / 1 – 7 open
4 – 6 / 4 – 7 open
Check the actuator operating states as follows (see also chapter 9.4 "Connection
diagrams (modulating)"):
When applying input signal Y = DC 10 V, the actuator turns (clockwise or counter-
clockwise as per the DIL switch setting).
The rotary direction set at the DIL switch must match the desired damper
movement direction.
After interrupting the AC 24 V operating voltage, the actuator stops.
After interrupting positioning signal Y, but while operating voltage is still supplied,
the actuator returns to the zero position.
Factory setting: The potentiometers for setting the offset Uo and span
following values: Uo = 0 V,
Specify the values set for Uo and
Check of output voltage U:
For inactive self-adaptation: U = DC 0...10 V for rotary angle 90°.
For active self-adaptation: U = DC 0...10 V for determined rotary range.
Measures resistance changes while the actuator turns from 0 to 90°.
Switchover of the auxiliary switch contacts "A" and "B" as soon as the actuator
reaches the respective switching positions.
Set the setting shafts (part of the delivery) to the desired value by means of the
adjustment tool. (See chapter 3.2, "Rotary range and mechanical limitation".)
The angle values are valid only for the zero position of the actuator (clockwise
The auxiliary switches have the following factory settings:
Switch A: Switchover point at 5°.
Switch B: Switchover point at 85°.
Use the three DIL switches to check the functions of these actuators.
Actuators without spring return GEB...1
Rotary direction
Actuator stays in position reached.
U = 10 V.
U in the plant papers.
The set linear travel direction must match the desired damper
rotary direction.
Factory setting:
Also check the operating states for special switchings as per
chapter 9.4.2.
U are set to the



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