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Mounting Notes - Siemens OpenAir GEB 1 Series Technical Basics

Actuators without spring return
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Mounting instructions
Mounting position
Device protection
Mounting bracket
Factory setting
Manual adjustment
Mechanical limitation of
rotary angle
Damper shafts
Use of rotary/linear sets
Tandem (Powerpack)
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Mounting notes

All information and steps to properly prepare and mount the actuator are available in
the mounting instructions 4 319 0109 0 (M4621) delivered with the actuator. The shaft
adapter as well as all other individual parts are not pre-mounted, as the actuator
components are put together differently depending on damper shaft length. Refer to
"2.5 "Structure and design" in this chapter.
Choose the actuator's mounting position so that you can easily access the cables as
well as the setting dials on the front of the actuator. Refer to 11.1 "Dimensions".
To satisfy the IP54 protection class requirements, the following conditions must be
The actuators are equipped only for vertical mounting (cable entries at bottom) with
air dampers having a horizontal shaft.
The actuator mounted on the damper shaft may be mounted by max. +/- 45° to the
vertical line:
Use the weather protection cover ASK75.3 for any mounting position.
The mounting bracket (see dimensions) is required for mounting on the damper shaft.
The insertion depth for the bolt into the housing must be sufficient and guaranteed.
The actuator comes with a factory setting of +2.5° which ensures a tight close-off for
the air dampers.
The actuator can be manually adjusted by pushing the g
button .
To ensure a tight close-off function for the dampers and the exact switching position for
switches A and B, adjust the actuator only if the shaft adapter and the position
indicator are mounted in accordance with the mounting instructions.
If necessary, you can limit the rotary angle at increments of 5° for the entire span by
positioning the shaft adapter in the respective position.
Refer to chapter 8 "Technical data" for information on minimum length and diameter of
the damper shafts.
Mount the mounting sets for converting a rotary movement to linear movement (chapter
2.2 Type summary) as per the separate mounting instructions.
When mounting two actuators on the same damper shaft (for GEB13..1 and GEB33..1),
use the ASK73.3 mounting bracket.
Actuators without spring return GEB...1
ear train disengagement



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