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Device-Specific Regulations - Siemens OpenAir GEB 1 Series Technical Basics

Actuators without spring return
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Operating voltage
AC 24 V, AC 230 V
Device safety
Mechanical parallel
connection of actuators
Auxiliary switches A, B
potentiometer for
position indication
Electrical parallel
connection of actuators
Building Technologies
The following regulations apply to these operating voltages:
Operating voltage
The operating voltage must comply with the requirements for
AC 24 V
Operating voltage
Permissible deviation of AC 230 V nominal voltage at the
AC 230 V
actuators: +/-10 %.
Specification on
AC 24 V
Fuse of AC 24 V
Transformers, secondary side:
operating voltage
Fuse of AC 230 V
Transformers, primary side, as per the applicable installation
mains voltage
regulations of the respective country.

Device-specific regulations

Safety for the devices is ensured by (among other aspects):
Supply of AC 24 V extra-low voltage as per SELV or PELV.
Double isolation between AC 230 V mains voltage and SELV/PELV circuits.
Three-position actuators GEB13..1 and GEB33..1:
Mount max. two actuators on the same damper shaft. Use the mounting bracket to
also secure the second actuator (see accessories in chapter 2.2).
Do not mechanically connect modulating GEB16..1 actuators.
Apply only mains voltage or only safety extra-low voltage to the switching outputs of
auxiliary switches A and B. Mixed operation is not permissible. However, operation
using various phases is permissible.
Include the potentiometer's electric data to indicate the damper position via external
Up to 10 actuators of the same device type can be electrical parallel wired. Cable
length and cable cross section have to be respected.
See chapter 6 "wiring notes" for more information.
Do not open the actuator.
The device is maintenance-free. Only the manufacturer may conduct any repair work.
Technische Grundlagen: Drehantriebe GEB...1
Permissible deviation of AC 24 V nominal voltage at the
actuators: +/-20 %.
Safety transformers as per EN 61558, with double isolation,
designed for 100 % runtime to supply SELV or PELV
Determine the transformer's power consumption by adding
up the power consumption in VA for all actuators used.
The capacity used from the transformer should amount to
at least 50 % of the nominal load for efficiency reasons
(power efficiency).
The nominal capacity of the transformer must be at least
25 VA. For smaller transformers, the ratio between voltage
at idle time to voltage at full load is unsatisfactory
(> + 20 %).
According to the effective load of all connected devices.
Line G (system potential) must always be fused.
Where required, additional line G0 (system neutral).



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