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Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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List of playable media

All Yamakawa DVD-Players are compatible to DVD-, CD- and Video-CD Discs.
All discs listed here can by played on this product.
DVD Video
1 Schicht
2 Schichten
Video CD
Other discs than listed here can not be played on this product and may not be put
into the drive in order to prevent damage.
Discs than cannot be played on this player:
- CD-G

How to handle discs

Hold discs always at their edges.
Fingerprints, dirt, scratches may cause distortions.
Do not write on any side of the disc.
Do not use any anti static cleaning liquid
Do not let the discs fall down and do not bend them.
Do not put more than one disc into the drive of the player.
Do not close the drive if the disc is not positioned correctly.
Keep the disc always in a separate box.
Wipe the discs with a soft damp cloth.
Always wipe from the center to the edge of the disc. Do not wipe in
circle movements since this may lead to scratches on the disc.
Wrong storage
You may damage discs if you store them in the wrong place:
Places exposed to direct sun light.
Humid and dusty places.
Places close to a radiator or any other heat emitter.
play back time
Digital Audio
133min (4,7GB)
242min (8,5GB)
74min maximal
74min maximal
80min maximal
80min maximal
- Photo CDs

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Table of Contents

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