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With the Search key you can jump to a certain time within the current
track. If you enter a certain time with your remote control you have to
make sure it is within the total length of the current track. You can
also key in the number of the track you want to listen to, but using the numeric
keys for this function is faster.
You can use the FF and FR keys to activate the fast forward and
fast rewind function during playback. The player will leave the
playback mode and you will not hear any sound during the activated function. By
pressing the keys several times you can choose between five different speed levels:
x2, x3, x4, x5, x6.
The Skip-back or Skip forward keys can be used to jump to the
beginning of the previous track or to the beginning of the next
track. Playback will continue automatically.
The A-B key lets you define an area of any disc (DVD,CD,MP3 or
VCD) as a repeat loop. At the point where the repetition should start
you need to press the A-B key once. On the screen you will see
"REPEAT A". At the point where the repetition should end you need to press the
A-B key again. Now you will see "REPEAT A-B" on the screen. Now playback of
the selected area of the disc, determined by starting point "A" and ending point
"B" will start. If you press the „A-B" key again the repetition is switched off
(„REPEAT AB off").
The 1/All key lets you repeat current tracks the complete CD. By
pressing several times, the three functions („Repeat Chapter", „Repeat
and „Repeat off") can be selected. If you press once the text
„Repeat Chapter" is displayed. Now the current track be repeated until you switch
off the function. If you press again "Repeat Title" is displayed and the total disc
will be repeated. If you press again the function is switched off the normal
playback will continue. („Repeat Off").

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