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Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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With the menu key you can open the main menu of the DVD disc
during playback, if such a menu is available on the disc. Generally all
DVDs have such a menu structure where you can navigate between
different features. With the PLAY key you enter the selected item. Depending on
the disc`s menu system pressing the menu key for a second time will continue the
playback at the point where you first pressed the menu key („Resume" function).
The Setup-key will bring you to the main menu of the DVD-Player.
Here you can change all settings of the player and make it match to
your TV-set and home stereo equipment. In the SETUP you use the
cursor keys for navigation and the PLAY-key for selection. If you press Setup
again you confirm the settings you made and playback will continue.
The Slow-key activates the slow motion function. By pressing several
times you can select between five speed levels which are displayed on
the screen: „Slow 1/2" to „Slow 1/6".
The Resume-key lets you activate two functions: While in STOP
Mode this key works as a Resume-function. Pressing this key will
continue playback at that point where you pressed STOP to interrupt
the playback. If the player is in PLAY mode this key works as a
memo key controlling the bookmark function of the player. You can set up to five

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