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Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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With the subtitle-key you can display the subtitles available on your
DVD-Disc onto the TV-screen. A DVD-disc quite often offers
subtitles in different languages, since films are not fully translated
for every country or language. An info line
on the TV-screen will tell you after pressing
the subtitle key which subtitles are available
on the disc. Press the key as often as needed
to select your choice of available subtitle
language. One of the options is always to
also deactivate the subtitles. Once you have
The Zoom-key lets you enlarge the picture. Pressing the Zoom-key
during playback the left upper corner of the screen will be enlarged
and playback continues. Two zoom levels are available: x1 and x2
made your selection the setting will be
active shortly after.
being shown on the upper left corner of
the screen. With the cursor keys you can
decide which part of the screen should be
enlarged. Red markings will tell you
which part of the normal screen you are
currently enlarging.

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