Yamakawa MP-28 User Manual

Yamakawa MP-28 User Manual

Yamakawa mobile dvd player mp-28


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  • Page 1: User Manual

    MOBILE DVD PLAYER MODEL : MP-28 User Manual V1.0...
  • Page 2 FEATURES POWER +20% Operating voltage : 12V -10% Low p ower consumption design. COMPATIBILITY This DVD player can play the following discs: DVD, CD, VCD, DVCD, HDCD,MP3, CD-R,CD-RW. SYSTEM FUNCTIONS VIDEO OUTPUT SYSTEM System AUTO , NTSC or PAL switchable. ADDITIONAL VIDEO FEATURES Multi-angle, multi-view, multi-audio function Multi...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety precautions Precautions Identification of controls When using remote control Connections Loading and unloading a disc Turning the power on and off Adjusting the volume Tuning the sound on and off Playing a disc Playing/pausing Stopping playback Fast-forwarding/ fast-reversing Finding the beginning of chapters or tracks Chapter/track/title repeat playback...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This digital versatile disc (DVD) video player uses 12V For future reference, record the model and serial number (located on the case of the DVD player) in the space provided. CAUTION: THIS DVD VIDEO PLAYER IS A CLASS I LASER PRODUCT. USE OF CONTROLS OR ADJUSTMENTS OR PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION EXPOSURE.
  • Page 5: Precautions

    Precautions This symbol means important instructions. Warning Failure to heed them can result in serious injury or death. Do not disassemble or alter this unit. Doing so may result in an accident, fire or electric shock. Keep small objects such as battery out of the reach of children. If swallowed, consult a physician immediately.
  • Page 6: Precautions

    Precautions Temperature Be sure the temperature inside the vehicle is between +55° C(+131° F) and -5°C(+23°F) before turning your unit on. Moisture condensation You may notice the CD playback sound wavering due to condensation. If this happens remove the disc from the player and wait an hour for the moisture to evaporate.
  • Page 7: Identification Of Controls

    Identification of controls Front panel POWER button/ indicator VIDEO CD CD/MP3 DVD/ VIDEO CD/ CD/MP3 indicators The button POWER Power on/off by pressing this button To eject a disc EJECT Play/Pause To stop playback To locate previous/next chapter or track Disc slot/ open, close indicator SKIP...
  • Page 8: Identification Of Controls

    Identification of controls Remote Control AV SEL POWER on/off button CLEAR button to clear the wrong number you entered Number button Used to input numbers RPT. button to play repeatedly TITLE button to locate a specific title chapter or track Joy stick and ENTER button SETUP button to change the default settings...
  • Page 9: When Using Remote Control

    When using remote control Preparing the remote control Insert battery (3V, CR2025) into the remote control. Make sure the + side of the battery faces up before closing the cover. 1) Open the cover, pull the cover as illustrated Operating with the remote control This section shows you how to use the remote control.
  • Page 10: Connections

    Connections R-AUDIO-L FM modulator or Amplifier AUDIO OUT VIDEO OUT TV or Monitor NOTE 1 Refer to the owner's manual for the connected monitor as well. 2 Refer to the owner's manual of the connected equipment for additional information. 3 When you connect the DVD player to other equipment, be sure to turn off the power . 4 If you place the DVD near a tuner or radio, the radio broadcast sound might be distorted.
  • Page 11: Loading And Unloading A Disc

    Loading and unloading a disc Loading and unloading a disc Turn on the power before loading and unloading discs. Insert the disc with the side containing words diagrams facing upwards. Once the disc is partially inserted, it is drawn in automatically. Playback starts. Notes: If wrong disc, upside-down discs or dirty discs have been inserted, “NO DISC ”...
  • Page 12: Turning The Power On And Off Adjusting The Volume Tuning The Sound On And Off

    Turning the power on and off Adjusting the volume Tuning the sound on and off POWER Adjusting the volume Press the VOL button first, then press Tuning the sound on and off During playback press MUTE , no sound is played. Press Mute to resume normal playback with sound.
  • Page 13: Playing A Disc Playing/Pausing

    Playing a disc Playing/pausing Playing a disc Press button. Playback starts. If a menu screen appears On DVDs and video CDs with playback control (PBC), menu screen may appear automatically. If this happens, perform the operation described below to start playback. Note: For many discs, the menu screen can also be displayed by pressing MENU or TITLE.
  • Page 14: Stopping Playback

    Stopping playback Fast-forwarding/ fast-reversing Finding the beginning of chapters or tracks RPT. RPT. RPT. RPT. Stopping playback Press the stop button during playback to stop playback. Press during playback. Tips Using the PRE-STOP function. When the PRE-STOP function is used, the position at which playback is stopped is stored in the memory, and playback resumes from that position.
  • Page 15: Displaying The Disc Status

    Displaying the disc status ENTER Displaying the disc status Press button to move the cursor to the item, and press button to select the item you want, the press ENTER to input. Playing DVD or VCD Use the procedure described below to display the status(title number, chapter number, etc.) of the currently playing DVD on the screen.
  • Page 16: Changing The Default Settings(Setup)

    Changing the default settings(setup) LANGUAGE Menu Language > English Disc Audio > Original Disc Subtitle > Off Disc Menu > Original Move Changing the default settings(setup) Press SETUP. The setting menu appears. Press joystick button to move the cursor to the item, then press ENTER to select the item you want.
  • Page 17 Changing the default settings(setup) DISPLAY TV Aspect > 4:3 Display Mode > Letterbox TV Output > NTSC Video Output > S-VIDEO+CVBS Move -- 4:3 LETTERBOX: Select when 4:3 TV is connected displays theatrical images with masking bars above and below the picture.
  • Page 18: Changing The Default Settings(Setup)

    Changing the default settings(setup) LOCK Rating > Unlock Password > Change Country Code > Us Move The player with the default password 3351 . Press the number button to create or change your 4-digital security password to change the rating, input numbers are displayed” * ”. Then, you must enter the correct password or the default password 3351 to change the rating or you can not play DVD disc rated higher than the level you selected.
  • Page 19: Others

    Others In case of difficulty If operation freezes, the screen goes black or the unit should otherwise not function properly, try turning the power off then back on. Alternatively, try the following methods in the order listed until the unit returns to normal playback mode. Turn the car’s ignition OFF and back ON again.
  • Page 20: Note Specifications

    Note Specifications Note There are 2 mounting screws on the case of the DVD player( shows) to protect the unit during shipping. You need to remove the sticking papers and screws after unpacking this product. Apply the black sticking papers(supplied)on the screw holes to keep out dust. Specifications Audio Audio output...
  • Page 21: Accessories And Hardware

    Accessories and Hardware INSTALLATION Mounting Bracket x 2 Mounting Bracket X 1 Hex bolt M5 x 6 Hex bolt M5 x 14 CABLE Power supply cable x 1 Audio/video cable x 1 Smoke plug cable x 1 REMOTEC O N T R O L ¡¡ Lithium Button Cell (3V) x 1 Remote control x 1 IR sensor x1...

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