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Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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Note: In MP3 mode, the right LED of model DVD-208 works as a feedback-LED. Each
command of the remote control will make the right LED flash. This makes operation
without a TV-set easier.
MP3 Directory Menu
The MP3 files and directories are listed in to columns of 5 entries each. Each entry
is max. 8 characters long. Pages with directories have a brown back ground, pages
with MP3 files have a green background. Underneath the 2 columns you will see 3
lines where the track is shown which is currently marked with the cursor. You will
also find information about the track currently played.
(Example shows the directories of the CD (left) and contents of the directory „***-T" (right).
The display key offers four different tables to show on the TV screen.
One is the MP3 Directory Menu which you already know, others are
the table with the inserted disc type and playback mode (Play, Shuffle
or Random) and the time information about the current track.
The Angle-key lets you change the playback mode. You can select
between „Shuffle" and „Random". Shuffle will play the tracks on the
disc in a random sequence. Each track will only be played once.
Random means that the tracks are played randomly, so one track could randomly
be played more than once.

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