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TV screen
If you have a TV set with widescreen format 16:9 you should select „WIDE". If
you have a TV with 4:3 format you should choose the setting „4:3", since the black
bars during movies will disappear. If you choose the 4:3-setting „LB" the well
known black bars on top and bottom of the screen will appear but the picture is
wider to the left and right. Factory setting is „4:3".
TV System
If you have an older TV set it may not have multisync technology. In this case you
have to choose „NTSC". If you TV-set has multisync technology you can select
„AUTO" and your TV-Set will automatically match to the playback mode of your
DVD-Player. By this you can watch PAL- and NTSC films (check the region code
setting of your DVD-Player first) without making any other settings. Factory
setting is „NTSC".
Depending on the film it is possible to generally determine the subtitle definition.
Subtitles will be always switched on after starting a film (then please choose
„ON") or will be always switched off (then please choose „OFF"). There are DVD
movies that have their own menu system, whose subtitle definition will be
overruling the setup definition of this player. The factory setting is „ON". During
play back of a DVD you can choose the available subtitles by pressing the subtitle
on your remote control.

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Table of Contents

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