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Connecting The Dvd-Player - Yamakawa DVD-208 User Manual

Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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Connecting the DVD-Player

While your are connecting the DVD-Player to your TV-Set or Stereo-/Surround equipment,
switch off all machines and pull their power cords.
If your TV-set does not have component inputs you should at least connect your
DVD-Player with the S-Video cable. The video connection via the standard-AV
output should be your last choice. To connect your DVD-Players to your TV-set
via a Video-recorder is not recommended because it may result in massive picture
distortions. These are created by the DVD-Player`s built in Macrovision copy
protection system which every DVD-Player must have.
TV-set with direct antenna input (f.e. cable TV)
If your TV set is directly connected to the antenna (you are not using any receiver
or decoder) you should connect the DVD-Player directly to the TV set via
component output, S-Video or AV-Video (composite).
TV-set with indirect connection to antenna (f.e. Decoder/SAT-Receiver)
If your TV-set is connected to the antenna via a Decoder / SAT-Receiver you can
either directly connect your DVD-Player to the TV or you can connect the DVD-
Player to the Decoder/Receiver provided there are enough input connectors. The
connection through a decoder/receiver may be better if there are no free component
or S-Video inputs on your TV-set and you would have to use the AV-(composite)
input instead. Decoder/Receivers normally have enough video input connector and
can easily handle a connected. DVD-Player
Audio Connection
Audio playback using your TV-set
If you are only using your TV-set for audio playback you only need to connect the
analog left and right signal (RCA) to your TV-set.



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