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Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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you want to remove from the list, or you enter the number of the titles that you
want to add to your program list. The entire program list can be deleted if you
press the STOP key a little longer, while your are in the entry field.
With the FF and FR keys you can activate the fast-rewind and
fast-forward during playback of a track. Doing so no sound can be
heard, since playback mode was interrupted. Pressing the keys several times, will
change the speed of rewinding or forwarding in 5 levels: x2, x3, x4, x5,x6.
The Skip-back or Skip forward keys can be used to jump to the
beginning of the previous track or to the beginning of the next
track. Playback will continue automatically. On the TV-screen you will see the
number of the track to which you skipped.
With the numeric keys you can select any title on the MP3 disc and
start playback. You can enter double or triple digit numbers with your
numeric key pad. It is not necessary to use the „+10" key. If a track is
listed as „056" on your screen you do not have to enter a leading „0".

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