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Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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Description of the functions:

Explaining the functions during DVD-Player mode according to the keys on your
remote control.
Hints for playing discs
Some DVD titles require different operation or certain inputs on your remote control are not
possible due to limitations that have been made by the maker of the individual disc. In such
cases the operational steps may be different or certain functions may not be available. Some
discs f.e. offer interactive menu screens during playback.
Some keys on your remote control have different functions in MP3, VCD or
Audio-CD mode. These special functions will be explained in the sections „MP3-
Player", „CD-Player" and „VCD-Player".
With the Standby key on your remote control you can switch on and off
the standby mode. If you want to switch off your player for a longer
time, f.e. several hours, you should switch off the player using the power switch
(front side DVD-208, backside DVD-268/278). On of the blue LED on the front
side of the DVD-208 is blinking during standby mode. The standby mode is only
useful to use if you have bookmarked the disc in the player and you want to
continue watching the film from this bookmark a little later.
The Tray Open key opens and closes the tray of the DVD drive in any
operational mode, provided the player is switched on. On the TV screen
you will see the words „OPEN" or „CLOSE". After closing the tray
playback of the inserted disc starts automatically.

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Table of Contents

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