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  • Page 1 Operation Manual DVD-335 MPEG4 DVD PLAYER DVD-335 OPEN/CLOSE STOP...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 3: Features

    As the best source of signals, DVD player is much better than any former audio-video product at any aspect. This latest digital technology condenses high quality video & audio on a disc, which is the same size of a normal CD disc in size, providing clear picture and 5.1 channel 3D processingcompatible with AC-3/DTS digital decoder, which can provide you a feeling ofenjoying more distinct and stirring family theatre.
  • Page 4: Points For Attention

    Attention: To reduce the risk of fire and electric shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN WARNING: SHOCK HAZARD-DO NOT OPEN AVIS: RISQUE DE CHOC ELECTRIQUE-NE PAS OUVRIR CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire and electrical shock, do not remove the cover of this unit.
  • Page 5: Points For Attention

    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION: 1.remove battery cover 2.insert batteries 3.close the battery cover CARE OF REMOTE CONTROL: Aim remote control at remote sensor of DVD. Do not drop the unit from a high position or cause high imct Do not place the remote control in hot or moist environments Do not splash water or any other liquid on remote control Do not pull azrt the remote control Point remote control directly to the remote sensor...
  • Page 6: Operation Interface

    2. FR 7. VIDEO 8. VGA 3. S.W. 9. SCART OUT 4. Y 10. SL 5.Pb/Cb Operation Interface 6 7 8 9 DVD-335 OPEN/CLOSE STOP 4. CABIN DOOR 5. OPEN/CLOSE 6. STOP Model No: CLASS 1 LASER DVD-335 Rheinland geprufte...
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL: Operation Interface 1. POWER 2. OSD 3. P/I 4. P/N 5. PROGRAM 6. TITLE 7. MENU 8. SETUP 9. UP/LEFT/DOWN 10. PBC 11. REV 12. SOTP 13. F WD 14. AUDIO 15. 3D 16. L/R 17. A-B 18.MUTE 19.
  • Page 8 S-video input of your TV or monitor. Component video output: Connect a component video cable (Y ,Pb/Cb,Pr/Cr) Operation Interface TV/MONITOR STANDARD VIDEO INPUT Model No: DVD-335 Rheinland geprufte Product safety sicherheeit CAUTION ATTENTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK...
  • Page 9 Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Optical CENT. Stereo L Stereo R Coaxial S-Video TV INPUT AMPLIFIER INPUT Operation Interface Model No: DVD-335 Rheinland geprufte Product safety sicherheeit CAUTION ATTENTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK RISQUE D ELECTROCUTION DO NOT OPEN NE PAS OUVRIR WARNING:...
  • Page 10 The unit supports two choices of audio output: Analogy audio and digital audio. Analog audio includes stereo 2 channel and 5.1 channel. Digital audio includes optical and coaxial output. Digital audio obtains a better effect than analog. Stereo Output: Connect with audio output jack for the mixing audio of the unit and the stereo input of TV or amplifier by audio cable.
  • Page 11: Basic Playback

    POWER: Press this key to power on and off the unit while it is in the case of working . OPEN/CLOSE: Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the tray, and then place the disc on it , press this button again to close the tray. When finishing loading the disc , the TV screen will display the disc type and the disc will be automatically played .(MP3 and JPEG disc can not be automatically played) RETURN:Press RETURN to return to the menu when playing the DVD disc.
  • Page 12 Basic Playback PREV/NEXT: When play DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, MP3, press this key to play forward or backwardspeedily. The class as bellows: PRV/FWD: When play DVCD, VCD, CD, MP3, Press skipbackward to play last chapter. To play DVD, press skipbackward to next chapter or title.press skipforward to next chapter or title. 16x* 32x* 16x*...
  • Page 13 PROGRAM:If the disc has over two chapter or title, you can press this button to setup the playing order which you want PRGO TT- -/CH- - [TT - -(TITLE)CH- -(CHAPTER)] 01 TT:__ CH:__ 06 TT:__ CH:__ 02 TT:__ CH:__ 07 TT:__ CH:__ 03 TT:__ CH:__ 08 TT:__ CH:__ 04 TT:__ CH:__...
  • Page 14 Basic Playback On playing the VCD, SVCD and DVD, The introduction of detailed functions is as follows: : Play. When the unit is stepping, slow, skipping, pause and stop, press this mark to resume the normal play. : Step. Every press next is to move the picture one frame. : Slow.
  • Page 15 VOL:V olume: Press this key to adjust the output volume. Press+ a n d t h e s c r e e n s h o w s 0 2 0 , p r e s s - a n d t h e s c r e e n s h o w s 2 0 0 . ¡ ° ¡...
  • Page 16 MENU Title 01/20 Chapter Time 01/01 Audio AC-3 5.1CH Subtitle CHINESE Angle Title Time 0 06 58 Chapter 0 06 58 Repeat Time Display Title time Bit rate 28 III Title time 0*03*28 Picture 1 TITLE: Number of the current chapter. With ENTER you can jumpt to other titles by entering their number.
  • Page 17: Mp3 Mode

    MP3 Mode Play MP3 disc: After the unit reads the contents of the MP3 disc, the TV screen will show as follows: Play time Track time V olume 03 18 05 28 Playing track 058/158 Tracks of disc - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  • Page 18: Jpeg Mode

    JPEG Mode Introduction Menu as follows: Press the program key to change transform mode. The unit has 15 kinds of picture transform mode. 00 00 00 00 Playing track 058/158 Tracks of disc - - - - - - - JPEG - - - - - - - JPEG...
  • Page 19: System Setup

    System Setup When the unit is working, press the select key to enter setup menu (following picture): General setup Audio setup Video setup Initial setup Password setup Quit setup Press the direction key to move cursor to the desired setup page, and press the select key to confirm.
  • Page 20: System Setup

    General Setup Page System state System state menu TV Display Angle Mark OSD Language English Captions Screen Saver Last Memory Press the direction key¡° General Setup introduction: * TV Display A.Normal/PS: When the unit connects with TV set, wide image is showed on the whole screen, but a part is cut.
  • Page 21 Audio Setup Page: Speaker Output Setup SPDIF Output Setup Equalizer Setup 3D Processing Setup HDCD Setup Karaoke Setup Press the direction key ¡° e t u r n t o t o r ¡ ± setup menu Speaker Setup Page System state System state menu Down mix LT/RT...
  • Page 22 SPDIF Setup Page System state SPDIF Output Dolby Digital MPEG PCM Channel Dynamic LPCM Output Press the direction key ¡° ± e t u r n t o a u d i o s e t u p m e n u t o r ¡ SPDIF Output: SPDIR OFF: turn off the optical and coaxial output, only analog output.
  • Page 23 Equalizer Setup Page System state System state menu EQ Type None None 1. Rock 2. Pop 3. Live 4. Dance 5. Techno 6. Classic 7. Soft Bass Boost Super Bass Treble Boost e t u r n t o a u d i o T o r ¡ ± Press the direction ke¡°...
  • Page 24 HDCD Setup Page System State System State Menu Filter 44.1K 44.1K 88.2K Press the direction key to return to audio setup menu Filter: This setup can change output sample rate when playing HDCD disc. Setup for 44.1 KHz, the system can output all signals of the disc sample rate from 0 to 44.1KHz, the signal over 44.1HKz being cut.
  • Page 25: Video Setup

    VIDEO SETUP Video Setup Page System State System State Menu Sharpness High Medium Brightness Brightness Contrast Contrast Gamma None High Medium None Saturation Saturation Luma Delay Press direction key ¡ ° ¡ ± t o r e t u r n t o s e t u p m e n u Sharpness: Setup this item to control the sharpness of image, available range as high -medium -low.
  • Page 26 PREFERENCE PAGE: System State TY TYPE AUDIO ENGLISH SUBTITLE ENGLISH DISC MENU ENGLISH PAREENTAL DEFAULT RESET Press direction to return to setup menu TV TYPE: The unit can correspond with erery type of TV all over the world, Select your TV type on this item: Auto: Select TV type according to the color system of the playing disc automatically.
  • Page 27 Password Setup Page System State System State Menu Password Mode Password Change Press direction key¡° e t u r n t o s e t u p m e n u t o r ¡ ± Password Mode: When the mode is on, setup the age control directly; when the mode is off, setup the age control only with password, using password to operate every time.
  • Page 28: Trouble Shooting

    SYMPTOM AND SOLUTION: When having problem with the unit, please check this list for a possible solutionbefore asking for service. Symptom Reason(s) Do not connect power cord to the wall outlet No power Do not set up TV in correct setting No picture Do not connect video cable securely Do not connect audio cable securely...
  • Page 29: Additional Information

    Service & Warranty information Under www.yamakawa.de you can find current service information in the Service&Support section. In case of a defect you can consult your dealer / point of sale, or you can return the product to the manufacturer.
  • Page 30 OTHER PROPERTY, OR FROM ANY OTHER CAUSE. Upon notification as set forth on the reverse side of this card, YAMAKAWA or its authorized service centers shall have the option to repair or replace any defective part of the product. Such service by YAMAKAWA shall be customers’...

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