Yamakawa DVD-238 User Manual

Yamakawa dvd-238 users manual



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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions......................01 Notes on Discs..........................02 Introduction Front Panel ........................... 03 Rear Panel ............................. 03 Display Window ........................... 04 Remote Control Functions ....................... 05 Prepare the remote Control......................05 Getting Started Video Connection ........................06 Audio Connection .........................
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  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Please read all of these instructions thoroughly be- 01. Read these instructions. fore operating the DVD Player. 02. Keep these instructions. 03. Heed all warnings. Unplug the connector from DVD-Player to the 04. Follow all instructions. system unit before cleaning. Do not use liquid or 05.
  • Page 5: Notes On Discs

    Important Saftey Instructions Notes on Discs When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed. Handling precautions If liquid have been spilled onto the DVD-Player. . Hold the disc by the edges so the surface will not be If the DVD-Player has been exposed to rain or soiled with fingerprints.
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction This section describes a full-fuction high performance DVD Player that is microprocessor-controlled and also allows users to place their own settings into memory via external setting. The setting status is indicated on the screen. Front Panel (1) POWER SWITCH (4) OPEN/CLOSE BUTTON (2) PLAY BUTTON (5) REMOTE RECEIVER...
  • Page 7: Display Window

    Introduction Display Window (optional) ( 2 ) CURRENT DISC (Option) ( 1 ) PLAYING ( 3 ) PLAY ( 5) PAUSE ( 4 ) ANGLE ( 6 ) REPEAT ALL ( 8 ) TITLE NUMBER ( 7 ) REPEAT CHAPTER ( 9 ) CHAPTER NUMBER (11) PROGRAM (10) TIME...
  • Page 8: Remote Control Functions

    Introduction Remote Control Functions (FOR KARAOKE FUNCTION) ( 1 ) POWER ( 2 ) PBC ( 3 ) DISPLAY ( 4 ) EJECT ( 5 ) SUBTITLE ( 6 ) SEARCH ( 7 ) ANGLE ( 8 ) LANGUAGE ( 9 ) SETUP (10) TITLE (11) MENU (12) ZOOM...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started Video Connection V C R Video Output Connect the DVD player’ s video output (RCA connec- tor or S-Video) on the rear panel to the TV’ s video input CD / DVD Connect (or other devices) using AV, S-Video or Component. PLAYER directly Notes:...
  • Page 10: Operating Dvd Player With The Remote Control

    Getting Started Digital Audio Output If you have another audio decoder which can decode Dolby Digital / Dts, connect the optical jack of the DVD player to the audio decoder (such as amplifier)via optical cable. Then set the SPDIF “on” on OSD. you can use the optical digital audio output to enjoy the original audio.The instruction is as follows: DVD player Surround left...
  • Page 11: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Playing a DVD 1.Press the Power button to turn on the player. 2.Press the Eject button ( ) to open the tray door. 3.Insert a disc. 4.Press the Eject button ( ) to close the tray door. Front Panel Operation 2.PLAY 1.POWER Turn on or turn off the player.
  • Page 12: Remote Control Operation

    Basic Operation Remote Control Operation 1.POWER Turn on or turn off the player. 2.PBC Playback control. Press PBC (on) to program selected chapter. The root menu will appear. Press “PBC”(off) to play movie uninterrupted. 3.DISPLAY Each time you press the Display button, the on-screen display changes as follows: Title, Chapter and Elapsed time Title time...
  • Page 13 Basic Operation 7.ANGLE Some DVD discs may contain scenes that have been filmed simultaneously from a number of different angles. For these discs, the same scene can be viewed from various angles using the “ANGLE” button. (The recorded angles varies depending on the disc.) This function is only for DVD discs.
  • Page 14 Basic Operation 16.STOP Stop playing a disc. 17.PLAY/ENTER Start playing the program on the disc. 18.PREVIOUS, NEXT Press NEXT during play Go to the next chapter or track. Press PREVIOUS during play 19.F.R .and F.F. The speed changes everytime when you press “ ”, “...
  • Page 15: Special Operation

    Special Operation What is MP3 MP3 is a new music format which is capable to play the music on the internet. MP3 Operation 1. Turn on the TV and insert an MP3 CD, the MP3 menu folder will be shown on the screen when the tray is closed. (picture 1) 2.
  • Page 16: What Is Jpeg

    Special Operation What is JPEG JPEG is short for the “Joint Photographic Experts Group”, a group of experts nominated to produce standards for continuous tone image coding. The best known standard from JPEG is IS 10918-1 (ITU-T T.81), which is the first of a multi-part set of standards for still image compression.
  • Page 17: What Is Wma

    Special Operation What is WMA (Option) WMA, short for W indows Media Audio, is also a digital audio file similar to a MP3. WMAs are more efficient than MP3s because they can be compressed to an even smaller size than MP3s. This simply means that a WMA takes up less space on your hard drive then a MP3 of the same song does.
  • Page 18: System Configuration

    System Configuration Use the Setup Menu display to change the system configuration. In this section, each item on the Setup Menu display will be described.Use “ ” buttons to select the item that you want and press “PLAY” or “ENTER” button to confirm. General Setup Page TV Display The type TV set (4:3 or 16:9) connected to the player and the wide screen...
  • Page 19: Audio Setup Page

    System Configuration Audio Setup Page Downmix Audio setup options should only be changed if the DVD player Switches the mixing down methods is connected to a LEFT or RIGHT surround sound processor. when you play a DVD with rear sig- nal components.This function can be set to “LT /R T”,“St ereo ”,“V SURR ”,“Off”.
  • Page 20: Spdif Output

    System Configuration SPDIF Output 5 /6 Pr ess “ ” to selec t “SPDI F Output”. Press “ ” to select “CD” digital output while “SPDIF Output” is set to “Manual”. Dolby Digital Press “ ” to select “Dolby Digi- tal”...
  • Page 21: Dual Mono

    System Configuration Dual Mono This is the output mode of the L and R signals of the set audio output. If it Dolby Digital Setup is set to “Mix-Mono”, this function only works when the DVD is being played in 2 channel. Dynamic Press “...
  • Page 22 System Configuration Super Bass Enable the “Super Bass” function. This function only works when “Bass Boost” is on. Treble Boost Enable “Treble Boost” function. PRO Logic II (Option) Press “ ” to select “PRO Logic II”. Mode (Option) Press “ ”...
  • Page 23: Video Setup Page

    System Configuration Reverb Mode 3D PROCESSING MODE selection. T her e ar e 7 opt i ons i nc ludi ng, “C o n ce rt , L i v i n g R o o m , H al l , Bathroom, Cave, Arena, Church”.
  • Page 24: Luma Delay

    System Configuration Sharpness Press “ ” to adjust “Sharpness”. Brightness Quality Press “ ” to adjust “Brightness”. Adjust the video output quqlity . Press “PLAY” to return to “Brightness”. Contrast Press “ ” to adjust “Contrast”. Press “PLAY” to return to “Contrast”. Gamma Press “...
  • Page 25: Preference Page

    System Configuration Preference Page TV Type Press “ ” to select “TV Type”. Select the TV type according to the TV set. ( Including NTSC, PAL and Multi.) Playback control. This is the func- tion especially for VCD. Press “PBC” (On) to allow to program selected c hapt er .
  • Page 26: Password Setup Page

    System Configuration Default This function will change all param- eter to the default setting. Password Setup Page Password Mode Press “ ” to select “Password Mode” to “On” or “Off”. Password The initial factory setting for “Old Password” is 123456 for 5.1CH DVD player.
  • Page 27: Warranty And Service

    OR DESTRUCTION OF OTHER PROPERTY, OR FROM ANY OTHER CAUSE. Upon notification as set forth on the reverse side of this card, YAMAKAWA or its authorized service centers shall have the option to repair or replace any defective part of the product. Such service by YAMAKAWA shall be customers' sole and exclusive remedy. YAMAKAWA will bear the cost of warranty labor and materials for hardware maintenance, repair or replacement.

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