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bookmarks for the inserted disc:
First bookmark: Press the Memo-/Resume-key at that scene which you want to find
again later on. On the screen it says „Bookmark" and five empty entry places
appear. Choose one field with the cursor keys and press the resume key again. Now
the first bookmark is stored.
Second bookmark: Press the Memo/Resume-key at the scene that you want to find
again later on. Move the cursor to the next empty field and the press the resume
In order to play a bookmark just press the Memo-/Resume key and choose the
bookmark you want to play with the cursor keys. With the Play key you enter the
selection and the playback of the disc starting from the selected bookmark begins.
NOTE: Opening the tray or switching off the player wih the power switch will
automatically delete the bookmark memory.
The Search key offers different functions. Pressing the key for the
first time will activate the chapter/scene search menu. Pressing the
key a second time will activate the time search menu.
After pressing the search key during playback of a movie (title) a entry field is
displayed on the screen. You have to enter the number of the title in which you
wish to search for a certain chapter/scene. Then you need to enter the chapter
number into a second entry field. If you have made a valid entry playback will
continue where you have defined. If you do not make an entry, the display will
disappear shortly after.

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