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Yamakawa dvd-player user manual
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The Title-key activated the Intro-Play function of the DVD-player. All
music tracks, starting with the first, will be played one after the other
for 5sec. Only. On the TV screen the number of each track is shown
on the top right corner. The Intro-Play mode is switched off by
pressing the title key again.
The Search key will help you to find a certain track on the MP3 disc.
You have to enter the number of the track. It is easier if your directly
enter the number of the track with the numeric keys on your remote
control. You can also search for a specific time within a track if you press the
search key again. This may be important for longer tracks (sound books etc..).
Like on any CD-Player you can define the playback order of a MP3
disc. This individually determined playback order can be stored with
the Program key. After pressing the key, the Program Menu appears
on the TV screen. The title selection for the program is done by entering the
number of the title into the yellow three-digit field at the beginning of the program
list. Once you enter a title number you need to confirm with the play key. This will
enter the title into the program list. 10 of your selected titles can be seen on one
During the programming of your list, you may use the cursor keys to mark entries
on your program list that you want to remove from the list. Then just press the stop
key once you marked the entry to be removed. After that you can return with the
cursor to the 3-digit field and continue your programming. Once the list is finished,
you can start playback by pressing the Program-key.
During playback of a program list you can modify the list at any time. You just
need to press the Program-key again and use the cursor keys to mark the track that

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