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Setup Items - Sharp JW Series Connection Manual

Computer link sio driver
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Setup Items

Set communication settings of the Display with GP-Pro Ex or in off-line mode of the Display.
The setting of each parameter must be identical to that of External Device.
"3 Example of Communication Setting" (page 9)
Setup Items in GP-Pro EX
Communication Settings
To display the setting screen, select [Device/PLC Settings] from [System setting window] in workspace.
Setup Items
SIO Type
Data Length
Stop Bit
Flow Control
GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Connection Manual
Select the SIO type to communicate with the External Device.
Select speed between the External Device and the Display.
Select data length.
Select how to check parity.
Select stop bit length.
Select the communication control method to prevent overflow of transmission and
reception data.
Use an integer from 1 to 127 to enter the time (s) for which the Display waits for the
response from the External Device.
JW Series Computer Link SIO Driver
Setup Description
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