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Husqvarna 356BTx Workshop Manual

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Workshop manual
356BTx 356BFx



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  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna 356BTx

  • Page 1 Workshop manual 356BTx 356BFx English...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    7.6.2 Assembling the motor package and fan spiral _________________ 28 7.7 Cylinder and crankshaft ________________________________________ 31 7.7.2 Assembling the cylinder and crankshaft ______________________ 32 7.8 Handle, 356BTx ______________________________________________ 35 7.8.1 Dismantling the handle ___________________________________ 35 7.8.2 Assembling the handle ___________________________________ 35 8 Maintenance _________________________________________________ 37 8.1 Air filter ____________________________________________________ 37...
  • Page 5 Air filter and carburettor Assembling the air filter 20 Assembling the carburettor 21 Basic carburettor settings 22 Dismantling the air filter 20 Dismantling the carburettor 20 Cylinder and crankshaft Assembling the cylinder 32 Dismantling the cylinder 31 Exhaust system Assembling the exhaust system 23 Dismantling the exhaust system 23 Fan spiral Assembling the motor package and fan spiral 28...
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    Assembly with other equipment, accessories or replacement parts not approved by Husqvarna can result in the safety requirements not being fulfilled, as well as the person performing the repairs being held...
  • Page 8: Special Instructions

    Unauthorized changes and/or accessories can result in serious injury or death for the operator or others. • Husqvarna AB is constantly working to further develop its products and reserves the right to make changes regarding, for example, form and appearance, without prior notification.
  • Page 9: What's What

    3 What's what? 3 What's what? 8015-035 3.1 What's what on the 356 BTx and BFx? Outer cover 12. Muffler Harness 13. Spark plug Discharge pipe 14. Fuel pump Bellows and cover 15. Choke control Stop switch with gas adjuster 16.
  • Page 11: Design And Function

    4 Design and function 4 Design and function 4.1 Resonance pipe The 356x-series muffler is equipped with a resonance pipe. A forwards and backwards-moving pulse is created in the resonance pipe when the motor is running. The resonance pipe's volume is balanced against the motor's frequency of revolutions so that the backwards-moving pulse pushes the unburned exhaust back into the cylinder.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    5 Troubleshooting 5 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution Blows poorly Obstructed spark-arrest screen Clean the spark-arrest screen according to Dismantling the exhaust system on page 23. Water in the resonance tube Clean the drain hose and nipple as shown in Cleaning the drain hose on page 37.
  • Page 15: Special Tools And Lubrication

    6 Special tools and lubrication 6 Special tools and lubrication 6.1 Special tools Basic carburettor Ignition module Fan spiral Cylinder and settings crankshaft 531 00 48-63 544 01 68-01 502 51 49-02 502 51 61-01 502 50 30-16 502 71 14-01 502 50 70-01 502 54 15-01...
  • Page 16: Lubrication

    6.2 Lubrication Starter assembly Air filter 502 51 27-01 531 00 60-76...
  • Page 17: Repairs

    7 Repairs 7 Repairs 7.1 Preparations Remove the air pipe's two screws and the two wear rings. 8015-001 7.2 Starter assembly 7.2.1 Dismantling the starter assembly Take off the lower part of the carrier harness to get at the starter assembly. 8015-002...
  • Page 18 7 Repairs Remove the four screws of the starter assembly. 8015-032 WARNING! Exercise warning to avoid personal injury. Tip: Tie a knot in the starter cord to make dismantling easier. Lay the cord in the groove. Wind up the starter cord, and stop the cord wheel with your thumb.
  • Page 19: Assembling The Starter Assembly

    7 Repairs 7.2.2 Assembling the starter assembly WARNING! Exercise warning to avoid personal injury. Place the spring over the starter assembly with the spring cover and push the spring into the starter assembly with a pair of pliers. Let the spring loosen in the starter assembly.
  • Page 20: Air Filter And Carburettor

    7 Repairs 7.3 Air filter and carburettor 7.3.1 Dismantling the air filter Loosen the four snap fasteners of the outer cover with a chisel. Loosen the two snap fasteners of the air filter lid with a chisel. 8015-005 7.3.2 Assembling the air filter Fasten the two snap fasteners of the air filter.
  • Page 21: Assembling The Carburettor

    7 Repairs Use a pair of round-nosed pliers when dismantling the throttle cable. Bend the holder down and take the cable out. Take the Z-nipple out of its holder. Use a pair of round-nosed pliers when dismantling the fuel hose and the purge hose. Take the fuel line out.
  • Page 22: Basic Carburettor Settings

    7 Repairs Mount the choke lever. Tip: Hold the holder down with a chisel. Pull the choke lever straight out. 8015-009 Mount the air filter with its snap fasteners. 8015-033 7.3.5 Basic carburettor settings L-Low revolution nozzle. Turn up the idle to about 2700 rpm with the T-screw.
  • Page 23: Exhaust System

    7 Repairs 7.4 Exhaust system WARNING! After a test run, do not touch the muffler until it cools. Risk of burn injury. Use protective gloves. 7.4.1 Dismantling the exhaust system Remove the four screws of the exhaust system. Take off the gasket and the cooling plate. 8015-010 7.4.2 Assembling the exhaust system Clean the spark-arrester screen with a wire brush...
  • Page 24: Ignition Module

    7 Repairs 7.5 Ignition module 7.5.1 Dismantling the ignition module Loosen the screw that holds the resonance pipe and turn it away. 8015-039 Dismount the short-circuit cables. Dismantle the sparkplug cap and its cable. 8015-015 Remove the two screws that hold the ignition module.
  • Page 25: Assembling The Ignition Module

    7 Repairs 7.5.2 Assembling the ignition module Place the nut holder on the ignition module. 8015-012 Twist the hub to the correct position so that the ignition module is correctly positioned next to the hub magnet. The air column between the ignition module and the hub should be 0.2 mm .
  • Page 26: Motor Package And Fan Spiral

    7 Repairs 7.6 Motor package and fan spiral 7.6.1 Dismantling the motor package and fan spiral Dismantle the starter assembly. See Dismantling the starter assembly on page 17. Dismantle the exhaust system. See Dismantling the exhaust system on page 23. Dismantle the choke control.
  • Page 27 7 Repairs Tip: Use a bit so as not to damage the key handle. 12. Dismantle the four screws of the fan wheel. Hold down the fan wheel and remove the screws. 13. Dismantle the two starter hooks. Lift out the starter hooks with the accompanying spring and screw.
  • Page 28: Assembling The Motor Package And Fan Spiral

    7 Repairs 7.6.2 Assembling the motor package and fan spiral Tip: Do not tighten the hose clip from the carburettor intake pipe before all the screws on the motor holder are tightened. Place the motor package on the rear half of the fan spiral.
  • Page 29 7 Repairs 10. Mount the four screws of the vibration damping system. Tighten with 3-4 Nm of torque. 8015-016 11. Mount the choke lever according to Assembling the air filter on page 20. 8015-009 12. Mount the short-circuit cable on the ignition module.
  • Page 30 7 Repairs 13. Mount the starter assembly according to Assembling the starter assembly on page 19. 8015-032 14. Push the harness into its clip. 8015-002 15. Mount the air filter cover and the outer cover. 16. Mount the two wear rings and screw the blower pipe firmly with the two screws.
  • Page 31: Cylinder And Crankshaft

    7 Repairs 7.7 Cylinder and crankshaft 7.7.1 Dismantling the cylinder and crankshaft Take out the fan package, motor package included, from the chassis according to Dismantling the motor package and fan spiral on page 26. Dismantle the four screws of the cylinder. Check that the 2 guide pins remain in the material.
  • Page 32: Assembling The Cylinder And Crankshaft

    7 Repairs Use pulling tool 502 51 61-01 to take out the crankshaft. The crankhouse bearing should remain. The guide bushings should remain in the crankhouse. 502 51 61-01 8015-023 7.7.2 Assembling the cylinder and crankshaft Mount the crankshaft with mounting tool 502 50 30-16.
  • Page 33 7 Repairs Mount the four screws of the crankshaft cover. Cut off the gasket flaps level with the cylinder foot. 8015-022 The arrow on the piston should always point towards the exhaust side. Press the gudgeon pin in and seat the gudgeon pin bearing and circlips. 8015-026 Seat a new cylinder foot gasket.
  • Page 34 7 Repairs Fit the cylinder in and tighten the cylinder. Tighten the screws with 8-10 Nm of torque. 8015-021 Mount the hub. Check that the hub is seated in the wedge groove on the crankshaft. 10. Use piston stop tool 502 54 15-01 to prevent piston rotation.
  • Page 35: Handle, 356Btx

    7 Repairs 7.8 Handle, 356BTx 7.8.1 Dismantling the handle Dismount the three screws of the handle. 8015-028 Dismount the spring. Dismount the throttle. Dismount the short-circuit cables. Dismount the throttle cable. 8015-029 7.8.2 Assembling the handle Mount the throttle cable.
  • Page 36 7 Repairs...
  • Page 37: Maintenance

    filter should be regularly replaced. Always replace a damaged filter. Oil the filter. Always use Husqvarna filter oil, part number 531 00 60-76. The filter oil contains a solvent to spread it evenly in the filter. Avoid skin contact. Put the filter into a plastic bag and pour the oil on.
  • Page 40 115 00 56-26 2005W14...

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