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Profinet Io Characteristic Data; Rack Components - Siemens CM 1542-1 Operating Instructions Manual

For simatic net s7-1500 - profinet


Table of Contents
Properties and functions
1.3 Configuration limits and performance data

PROFINET IO characteristic data

Configuration limits of the CM as an IO controller
The CM supports the following maximum configuration as a PROFINET IO controller:
Number of operable PROFINET IO devices
Size of the input area over all PROFINET IO devices *)
Size of the output area over all PROFINET IO devices
Size of the IO data area per submodule of a module in an IO
Size of the consistency area for a submodule
*) The diagnostics addresses of the PROFINET IO devices cannot be used as an input on the IO controller. The data area
of the inputs is reduced by the diagnostics addresses used.

Rack components

When using the CM type described here, the following limits apply:
● The number of CMs that can be operated in a rack depends on the CPU type being used.
By operating several CMs, you can increase the configuration limits listed in the section
Properties and functions (Page 11) for the station as the whole. The CPU does, however,
have set limits for the entire configuration.
Note the information in the documentation of the CPU, refer to the section Documentation
references (Page 49)
Power supply via the CPU adequate or additional power supply modules required
You can operate a certain number of modules in the S7-1500 station without an
additional power supply. Make sure that you keep to the specified power feed to the
backplane bus for the particular CPU type. Depending on the configuration of the S7-
1500 station you may need to provide additional power supply modules.
Explanation / values
128, of which:
Max. 64 IRT devices
Max. 8192 bytes
Max. 8192 bytes
Inputs: 256 bytes
Outputs: 256 bytes
256 bytes
Operating Instructions, 07/2019, C79000-G8976-C355-04
CM 1542-1

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