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Configuration Limits And Performance Data; Transmission And Reaction Times; Connection Resources - Siemens CM 1542-1 Operating Instructions Manual

For simatic net s7-1500 - profinet


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Access to the Web server of the CPU
Via the LAN interface of the CM, you have access to the Web server of the CPU. With the
aid of the Web server of the CPU, you can read out module data from a station.
Note the special description of the Web server; refer to the section Documentation
references (Page 49)
Web server access using the HTTPS protocol
The Web server of a SIMATIC S7-1500 station is located in the CPU. For this reason, when
there is secure access (HTTPS) to the Web server of the station using the IP address of the
CM 1542-1, the SSL certificate of the CPU is displayed.

Configuration limits and performance data


Transmission and reaction times

Measured values on the Internet
Measured values of transmission and reaction times in PROFINET networks for a series of
configurations can be found on the Internet at the following address:
Link: (

Connection resources

Total number of freely usable connec-
tions on Industrial Ethernet
CM 1542-1
Operating Instructions, 07/2019, C79000-G8976-C355-04
1.3 Configuration limits and performance data
Explanation / values
64 configurable connections, 1 PG connection
The value applies to the total number of connections of the
following types:
Connections for open communications services
Properties and functions

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