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Program Blocks For Ouc - Siemens CM 1542-1 Operating Instructions Manual

For simatic net s7-1500 - profinet


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Configuration, programming

4.6 Program blocks for OUC

Program blocks for OUC
Programming Open User Communication (OUC)
The instructions (program blocks) listed below are required for the following communication
services via Ethernet:
● ISO-on-TCP
● UDP (Multicast)
● E-mail
For this, create suitable program blocks. The program block can be found in STEP 7 in the
"Instructions > Communication > Open user communication" window.
You will find details on the program blocks in the information system of STEP 7.
Different program block versions
Note that in STEP 7 you cannot use different versions of a program block in a station.
Supported program blocks for OUC
The following instructions in the specified minimum version are available for programming
Open User Communication:
● TSEND_C V3.1 / TRCV_C V3.1
Compact blocks for connection establishment/termination and for sending and receiving
● TCON V4.0 / TDISCON V2.1
Connection establishment / connection termination
● TUSEND V4.0 / TURCV V4.0
Sending and receiving data via UDP
● TSEND V4.0 / TRCV V4.0
Sending and receiving data via TCP or ISOonTCP
● TMAIL_C V4.0
Sending e-mails
Note the description of TMAIL_C as of version V4.0 in the STEP 7 information system.
Connection establishment and termination
Connections are established using the program block TCON. Note that a separate program
block TCON must be called for each connection.
Operating Instructions, 07/2019, C79000-G8976-C355-04
CM 1542-1

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