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Check Items When Turning Off The Main Power; Notes Before Servicing; Points To Note At Cleaning; Notes On Assembly/Disassembly - Canon Paper Deck Unit-F1 Service Manual

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Check Items when Turning OFF the Main Power

The Paper Deck Unit is not equipped with the "main power switch". The power source is supplied by turning ON "the main power
switch" on the host machine.

Notes Before Servicing

At servicing, be sure to turn off the power source according to the specified steps and disconnect the power plug.
Do not turn off the power switch when downloading is under way. Turning off the main power switch while downloading is
under way can disable the machine.

Points to Note at Cleaning

When performing cleaning using organic solvent such as alcohol, be sure to check that the component of solvent is
vaporized completely before assembling.

Notes On Assembly/Disassembly

Follow the items below to assemble/disassemble the device.
1. Disconnect the power plug to avoid any potential dangers during assembling/disassembling works.
2. If not specially instructed, reverse the order of disassembly to reinstall.
3. Ensure to use the right screw type (length, diameter, etc.) at the right position when assembling.
4. To keep electric conduction, binding screws with washers are used to attach the grounding wire and the varistor. Ensure to
use the right screw type when assembling.
5. Unless it is specially needed, do not operate the device with some parts removed.
6. Never remove the paint-locked screws when disassembling.
Safety Precautions