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Unit Installation - Mitsubishi Electric E Series Data Book

Air cooled chilling unit
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3. Installation

3-2. Unit Installation

Units should be installed only by personnel certified by Mitsubishi Electric.
3-2-1. Product suspension method
If transporting the product suspended, use the two suspension sections at the front and rear.
Always feed rope through the four suspension sections so that the unit is not subjected to shocks.
Use two ropes that are 10 m or longer. (Use four ropes that are 5 m or longer.)
Use suspension equipment that is capable of supporting the weight of the product.
Always suspend the product in four sections. (do not suspend the product two sections as this is dangerous)
Use the appropriate protective pads to ensure that the rope does not rub against the outer panel.
Refer to the center of gravity position shown in 1-3. Center of Gravity, and suspend the unit while taking care to prevent
a deviated center of gravity.
Lift the unit by placing the slings at designated locations. Support the unit securely at four points to keep it from slipping
and sliding. If the unit is not properly supported, it may fall and cause personal injury.
10 m or longer × 2 ropes
(5 m or longer × 4 ropes)
Plate suspension fittings
Protective pads
1.6 m or more



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