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Electrical Wiring Installation - Mitsubishi Electric E Series Data Book

Air cooled chilling unit
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5. Wiring Design

5-2. Electrical Wiring Installation

5-2-1. Main Power Supply Wiring and Switch Capacity
Schematic Drawing of Wiring (Example)
<A> Switch (with current breaking capability)
<B> Current leakage breaker
<C> unit
Main power supply wire size, switch capacities, and system impedance
Minimum wire thickness (mm²)
Main cable
P1500, 1800YB
1) Use a dedicated power supply for each unit. Ensure that each unit is wired individually.
2) When installing wiring, consider ambient conditions (e.g., temperature).
3) The wire size is the minimum value for metal conduit wiring. If voltage drop is a problem, use a wire that is one size thicker.
Make sure the power-supply voltage does not drop more than 5%.
4) Specific wiring requirements should adhere to the wiring regulations of the region.
5) Power supply cords of appliances shall not be lighter than polychloroprene sheathed flexible cord (design 60245 IEC57).
6) A switch with at least 3 mm contact separation in each pole shall be provided by the Air Conditioner installer.
7) Do not install a phase advancing capacitor on the motor. Doing so may damage the capacitor and result in fire.
Be sure to use specified wires and ensure no external force is imparted to terminal connections. Loose connections may cause
overheating and fire.
Be sure to use the appropriate type of overcurrent protection switch. Note that overcurrent may include direct current.
Some installation sites may require an installation of an earth leakage breaker for the inverter. If no earth leakage breaker is installed,
there is a danger of electric shock.
Only use properly rated breakers and fuses. Using a fuse or wire of the wrong capacity may cause malfunction or fire.
This device is intended for the connection to a power supply system with a maximum permissible system impedance shown in the above
table at the interface point (power service box) of the user's supply.
Ensure that this device is connected only to a power supply system that fulfills the requirements above.
If necessary, consult the public power supply company for the system impedance at the interface point.
This equipment complies with IEC 61000-3-12 provided that the short-circuit power Ssc is greater than or equal to Ssc (*2) at the
interface point between the user's supply and the public system. It is the responsibility of the installer or user of the equipment to ensure,
in consultation with the distribution network operator if necessary, that the equipment is connected only to a supply with a short-circuit
power Ssc greater than or equal to Ssc (*2).
Ssc (MVA)
Control cable specifications
Remote controller cable
M-NET cable between units *1
External input wire size
External output wire size
*1 Use a CVVS or CPEVS cable (Max. total length of 200 m) if there is a source of electrical interference nearby (e.g., factory) or the total length of
control wiring exceeds 120 m.
Current leakage breaker
160 A 200 mA 0.1 sec. or less
Recommended cable types
Recommended cable types
, L
, L
, N
Local switch (A)
0.3 mm² (Max. 200 m total)
2-core sheathed cable
Min. 1.25 mm² (Max. 120 m total)
Shielded cable CVVS, CPEVS or MVVS
Min. 0.3 mm²
No-fuse breaker
Max. Permissive
System Impedance
0.07 Ω
1.25 mm²



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