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Condenserless chiller
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This section contains general information on the NECS-ME
range of products. For detailed information refer to the specifi c
sections in this bulletin.

1.1 NECS-ME units

The NECS-ME chillers are a range of remote-condensation liq-
uid units running on R410A ecological gas.
They are indoor units with hermetic scroll compressors in a
single-circuit (2-compressor units) and twin-circuit (4-compres-
sor unit) tandem confi guration, and braze-welded plate heat

1.2 R410A refrigerant

The use of R410A has improved the energy effi ciency of the
units, in full respect of the environment (O.D.P.=0)

1.3 Combination with a remote condenser

Compact units designed for residential and commercial sys-

1.4 Integral control and adjustment

The evaporating unit is supplied complete with integral micro-
processor control and optional connection to a remote con-

1.5 Hydronic unit incorporated

The integrated hydronic unit comprises the main hydraulic
components; it is available in various confi gurations with single
or dual orthogonal pumps and high or low heads.

1.6 Silent running

The NECS-ME chillers stand out for their silent running. If
specifi cally requested, the casing of the unit can incorporate
a layer of soundproofi ng made from high intermediate density
conoid sandwich material which reduces noise suffi ciently to
allow NECS-ME to be used in residential and commercial ar-
eas without having to install it in dedicated rooms (technical
rooms). The benefi t in terms of noise reduction is 4dB(A) in the
models with 2 compressors and 10dB(A) in the models with 4

1.7 Ease of installation

All the connections of the NECS-ME units are located on the
side in order to simplify installation operations. This feature
also makes it possible to save space as the units can be posi-
tioned near the perimeter walls without compromising access
to the internal components during maintenance.

1.8 Versatility

On request, the NECS-ME units can be fi tted with an inte-
grated pump unit for circulating the liquid in the system, with
a high or low head depending on the various application re-
quirements. As well as the primary pump, it is also possible to
add an auxiliary circulation pump which starts automatically if
the former develops a fault. This makes it possible to respect
the harshest safety aspects of the system, whilst allowing the
pumps to be rotated to balance operating hours (thus prevent-
ing risks of mechanical breakage) and to manually select one
of the two pumps.

1.9 Usability

The electronic controller of the NECS-ME features a program-
mable menu containing the most popular European languages
which the user can choose depending on the country in which
the unit is used (available standard in the 4-compressor unit, in
the reduced mode in the 2-compressor version).

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents