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Operation - LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual

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Before Use
Notes for Operation
• Do not use the ice water dispenser tank for
beverages other than drinking water.
• Users should keep in mind that frost can
form. If the door is not closed completely,
if the humidity is high during the summer,
or if the freezer door is opened frequently.
Condensation build up within food storage
wrappers is also caused by the same
• Ensure there is sufficient space between food
stored on the shelf or door basket to allow the
door to close completely.
• Opening the door lets warm air enter the
appliance, and may cause the internal
temperature to rise and condensation to form.
• If you are leaving the appliance turned off for
an extended period of time, remove all food
and unplug the power cord. Clean the interior,
and leave the doors slightly ajar to prevent
mold from growing in the appliance.
• If there are chill compartments in the
appliance, do not store vegetables and fruits
with higher moisture content in the chill
compartments as they may freeze due to the
lower temperature.
Door Open Alarm
The alarm sounds 3 times in a 30 seconds
intervals if one of the doors is left open or not
completely closed for one minute.
• Contact the LG Electronics customer
information centre if the alarm sound continues
even after closing the door.
Failure Detection
The appliance can automatically detect problems
during the operation.
• If a problem is detected, the appliance may not
operate and an error code is displayed even
when any button is pressed.
• If an error code is indicated on the display, Do
not turn off the power. Immediately contact the
LG Electronics customer information centre and
report the error code. If you turn off the power,
the repair technician from the LG Electronics
customer information centre may have difficulty
finding the problem.
Suggestion for Energy Saving
• Ensure there is sufficient space between stored
foods. This allows cold air to be circulated
evenly and lowers electricity bills.
• Store hot food only after it has cooled in order to
prevent dew or frost.
• When storing food in the freezer compartment,
set the freezer temperature lower than the
temperature indicated on the food.
• Do not put food near the temperature sensor of
the fridge compartment. Keep a distance of at
least 3 cm from the sensor.
• Note that a temperature rise after defrosting
has a permissible range in the appliance
specifications. If you wish to minimise the
impact this may have on the food storage due to
a temperature rise, seal or wrap the stored food
in several layers.
• The automatic defrosting system in the
appliance ensures that the compartment
remains free of ice buildup under normal
operating conditions.
Storing Foods Effectively
• Store frozen food or refrigerated food inside
sealed containers. It is normal for condensation
or frost to form inside sealed containers due
to the moisture already in the container or bag
prior to it being sealed.
• Check the expiration date and label (storage
instructions) before storing food in the
• Do not store food for a long period of time
(more than 4 weeks) if it spoils easily at a low
• Place the refrigerated food or frozen food in
each fridge or freezer compartment immediately
after purchasing.
• Avoid refreezing any food which has been
completely thawed. Freezing any food which
has been completely thawed again will lower its
taste and nutrition.



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