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LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual page 35

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Frost has formed in
the freezer
Frost or condensation
has formed inside or
outside the appliance.
The appliance is
noisy and generates
abnormal sounds.
The side or front of
the appliance is
There is water inside
or outside of the
Is the air entry or exit of the freezer compartment blocked?
• Make sure that air entry or exit is not blocked so that the air can
circulate inside.
Is the freezer compartment overfilled?
• Maintain an appropriate space between items.
Did you open and close the appliance door frequently or is the
appliance door improperly closed?
• Frost or condensation can form if the outside air penetrates inside the
Is the installation environment humid?
• Condensation can appear on the exterior of the appliance if the
installation area is too humid or on a humid day such as a rainy day.
Wipe off any moisture with a dry cloth.
Is the appliance installed on a weak floor or improperly leveled?
• Install the appliance on a solid and flat area.
Does the rear of the appliance touch the wall?
• Adjust the installation position to allow enough clearance around the
Are objects scattered behind the appliance?
• Remove the scattered objects from behind the appliance.
Is there an object on top of the appliance?
• Remove the object on top of the appliance.
There are anti condensation pipes fitted to these areas of the
appliance to reduce condensation forming from around the door
• The heat releasing pipe to prevent condensation is installed on the front
and side of the appliance. You may feel it particularly hot right after the
appliance is installed or during the summer. You can be assured that
this is not a problem and is quite normal.
Is there water leakage around the appliance?
• Check if the water has leaked from a sink or another place.
Is there water on the bottom of the appliance?
• Check if the water is from the thawed frozen food or a broken or
dropped container.
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