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LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual page 25

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Place the ice tray back to its position
carefully not to spill water on the floor.
• Be careful not to spill water when inserting the
ice tray after filling with water.
<Type 2>
Fill the icetray with water so that all the cubes
are equally full. And place it in the freezer
Taking Out Ice
<Type 1>
Rotate the ice separation handle on the
icemaker clockwise.
Lift the ice storage bin slightly and remove.
<Type 2>
Hold the icetray at its ends and twist gently.
• If you open and close the freezer door
frequently, it may take longer for water to be
• The time for water to be frozen may vary
according to the season. Until 24 hours after
initial installation, the temperature inside the
appliance may not be stabilized so that it may
take longer for water to be frozen.
• Make sure to be careful as the edges of the
ejected ice may be sharp.
• If ice cannot be detached easily, rotate the ice
separation handle of the icemaker once again.
• Please note that ice may stick together if you
rotate the ice separation handle of the
icemaker before the water has completely
• It takes approximately three hours for water at
the temperature of -20 °C to be frozen
• When placing the ice storage bin back to its
original position after using, make sure to
check if it is inserted all the way in.
• The proper storage amount of the ice storage
bin is the amount of ice made three times. If
more than the amount of ice made for three
times is stored, the ice storage bin may not
come out and will become stuck. Do not store
more than three ejected ice trays of ice in the
ice storage bin.



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