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Maintenance; Cleaning The Door Basket - LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual

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Notes for Cleaning
• When removing a shelf or drawer from inside
the appliance, remove all stored foods from the
shelf or drawer to prevent injury or damage to
the appliance.
− Otherwise, injury may occur due to the weight
of stored foods.
• If cleaning the outside air vents of the appliance
by means of vacuuming, then the power cord
should be unplugged from the outlet to avoid any
static discharge that can damage the electronics
or cause an electric shock.
• Detach the shelves and drawers and clean them
with water, and then dry them sufficiently, before
replacing them.
• Regularly wipe the door gaskets with a wet soft
• Door basket spills and stains should be cleaned
as they can compromise storage ability of the
basket and could even be damaged.
• After cleaning, check if the power cable is
• Keep the air vents on the exterior of the
appliance clean.
− Blocked air vents can cause fire or appliance
• Waxing external painted metal surfaces helps
provide rust protection. Do not wax plastic parts.
Wax painted metal surfaces at least twice a year
using appliance wax (or auto paste wax). Apply
wax with a clean, soft cloth.
• When cleaning the inside or outside of the
appliance, do not wipe it with a rough brush,
toothpaste, or flammable materials. Do not
use cleaning agents containing flammable
− This may cause discoloration or damage to
the appliance.
− Flammable substances: alcohol (ethanol,
methanol, isopropyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol,
etc.), thinner, bleach, benzene, flammable
liquid, abrasive, etc.
• For the appliance exterior, use a clean sponge
or soft cloth and a mild detergent in warm water.
Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners. Dry
thoroughly with a soft cloth.
• Never clean the shelves or containers in the
− The parts may become deformed due to the
• If the appliance is equipped with an LED lamp,
do not remove lamp cover and LED lamp in any
attempt to repair or service it. Please, contact
the LG Electronics customer information centre.

Cleaning the Door Basket

Removing the Fridge/Freezer
Door Basket
Hold both edges of the basket and remove it
by lifting it upward.
Refitting the Fridge/Freezer Door
Hold both edges of the door basket, gently
push one edge to assemble, and then in
the same manner assemble the other edge.
After assembling, tap the door basket
gently to fix it horizontally.



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