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LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual page 4

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•This appliance should only be transported by two or more people
holding the appliance securely.
•Ensure that the socket outlet is properly grounded, and that the
earth pin on the power cord is not damaged or removed from the
power plug. For more details on grounding, inquire at an LG
Electronics customer information centre.
•This appliance is equipped with a power cord having an
equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding power plug. The
power plug must be plugged into an appropriate socket outlet that
is installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and
•If the power cord is damaged or the hole of the socket outlet is
loose, do not use the power cord and contact an authorized
service centre.
•Do not plug the appliance into a multi socket adapter which does
not have a power cable(mounted). Failure to do so may result in
•Do not modify or extend the power cable.
•Avoid using any extension cords or double adaptor. The appliance
should be connected to a dedicated power line which is separately
•Do not use a multi socket outlet which is not properly
grounded(portable). In case of using a properly-grounded multi
socket outlet (portable), use the multi socket outlet with the current
capacity of the power code rating or higher and use the multi
socket outlet only for the appliance. Failure to do so may result in
electric shock or fire due to the heat of multi socket outlet. The
power may be shut off when the circuit breaker is operated.
•Install the appliance in a place where is easy to unplug the power
plug of the appliance.
•Be careful not to point the power plug up or let the appliance lean
against the power plug.
•Install the appliance on a firm and level floor.



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