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LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual page 18

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• Do not wrap and store vegetables with
newspaper. Printing material of newspaper
or other foreign substances may smear and
contaminate food.
• Do not overfill the appliance. Cold air can not
circulate properly if the appliance is overfilled.
• If you set an excessively low temperature
for food, it may become frozen. Do not
set a temperature lower than the required
temperature for the food to be stored correctly.
• If there are chill compartments in the appliance,
do not store vegetables and fruits with higher
moisture content in the chill compartments as
they may freeze due to the lower temperature.
Max Freezing Capacity
• The Express Freeze function will set the
freezer to its maximum freezing capacity.
• This generally takes up to 24 hours and
automatically switches off.
• If the maximum freezing capacity is to be used,
Express Freeze must be switched on for seven
hours before fresh produce is placed in the
freezer compartment.
Maximum Storage
• To get better air circulation, insert all drawers.
• If large quantities of food are to be stored, all
the freezer drawers shall be taken out of the
appliance except the bottom one and the food
shall be stacked directly on the freezer shelves
are freezer compartment.
• To remove the drawers, first pick the food out of
drawers. Then use the handle of drawers, pull
out the drawers carefully. It may cause injury.
• The shape of each drawer may be different,
insert in the right position.



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