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LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual page 6

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•Avoid the danger of children getting trapped inside the appliance.
A child trapped inside the appliance can cause suffocation.
•Do not place heavy or fragile objects, containers filled with liquid,
combustible substances, flammable objects(such candles, lamps,
etc.), or heating devices(such as stoves, heaters, etc.) on the
•If there is a gas leakage (isobutane, propane, natural gas, etc.),
do not touch the appliance or power plug and ventilate the area
immediately. This appliance uses a very eco-friendly gas
(isobutane, R600a) as the refrigerant. Although it uses a small
amount of the gas, it is still combustible gas. Gas leakage during
appliance transport, installation or operation can cause fire,
explosion or injury if sparks are caused.
•Do not use or store flammable or combustible substances (ether,
benzene, alcohol, chemical, LPG, combustible spray, insecticide,
air freshener, cosmetics, etc.) near the appliance.
•Immediately unplug the power plug and contact an LG Electronics
customer information centre if you detect a strange sound, odour,
or smoke coming from the appliance.
•Fill with potable water only into icemaker or dispenser water tank.
•Disconnect the power cord before cleaning the appliance or
replacing the inside lamp (where fitted).
•Securely plug the power plug in the socket outlet after completely
removing any moisture and dust.
•Never unplug the appliance by pulling on the power cable. Always
grip the power plug firmly and pull straight out from the socket
•Do not spray water or inflammable substances(toothpaste, alcohol,
thinner, benzene, flammable liquid, abrasive, etc.) over the interior
or exterior of the appliance to clean it.
•Do not clean the appliance with brushes, cloths or sponges with
rough surfaces or which are made of metallic material.



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