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LG GC-M247UGBM Owner's Manual

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Read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating the appliance and keep
it handy for reference at all times.
Copyright © 2018 - 2019 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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  Summary of Contents for LG GC-M247UGBM

  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL FRIDGE& FREEZER Read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating the appliance and keep it handy for reference at all times. ENGLISH MFL69668885 Rev.01_091619 Copyright © 2018 - 2019 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Icemaker ....................24 Door in Door ..................... 26 Fresh Vegetable Drawer ................27 SMART FUNCTIONS .............28 Using LG SmartThinQ Application ............28 Using Smart Diagnosis ................30 MAINTENANCE ..............31 Cleaning the Door Basket ................. 31 Cleaning the Shelf ..................32 Cleaning the Vegetable Drawer ..............
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety guidelines are intended to prevent unforeseen risks or damage from unsafe or incorrect operation of the appliance. The guidelines are separated into ‘WARNING’ and ‘CAUTION’ as described below. This symbol is displayed to indicate matters and operations that can cause risk.
  • Page 4 •Ensure that the socket outlet is properly grounded, and that the earth pin on the power cord is not damaged or removed from the power plug. For more details on grounding, inquire at an LG Electronics customer information centre. •This appliance is equipped with a power cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding power plug.
  • Page 5 •Do not use the appliance for any purpose (storage of medical or experimental materials or shipping) other than any domestic household food storage use. •In case of flood, disconnect the power plug and contact the LG Electronics customer information centre. •Unplug the power plug during a severe thunderstorm or lightening or when not in use for a long period of time.
  • Page 6 LPG, combustible spray, insecticide, air freshener, cosmetics, etc.) near the appliance. •Immediately unplug the power plug and contact an LG Electronics customer information centre if you detect a strange sound, odour, or smoke coming from the appliance.
  • Page 7 •Only qualified service personnel from LG Electronics service centre should disassemble, repair, or modify the appliance. Contact an LG Electronics customer information centre if you move and install the appliance in a different location. •Do not use a hair drier to dry the inside of the appliance or place a candle inside to remove the odours.
  • Page 8 •Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol cans with a flammable propellant in this appliance. Risk of Fire and Flammable Materials This symbol alerts you to flammable materials that can ignite and cause a fire if you do not take care. •This appliance contains a small amount of isobutane refrigerant (R600a), but it is also combustible.
  • Page 9 CAUTION To reduce the risk of minor injury to persons, malfunction, or damage to the product or property when using this product, follow basic precautions, including the following: Installation •Do not tilt the appliance to pull or push it when transporting. •Make sure not to get a body part such as a hand or foot stuck while moving the appliance.
  • Page 10 Maintenance •Do not insert the shelves upside down. The shelves may fall, causing injury. •To remove frost from the appliance, contact an LG Electronics customer information centre. •Dispose of the ice inside the ice bin in the freezer compartment during an extended power outage.
  • Page 11: Disposal Of Your Old Appliance (As Per E-Waste Rules)

    Toll Free No. 1800-315-9999 / 1800-180-9999 for details. All collection centre and pick up facilities are done by third parties with LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. Merely as a facilitator. For more detailed information ,...
  • Page 12: Installation

    INSTALLATION Egg Box* Ice Tray* Spanner Owner's Manual • The appearance or components of the appliance may differ from model to model. • * This feature is only available on some models.
  • Page 13: Dimensions And Clearances

    Dimensions and Clearances Ambient Temperature Too small of a distance from adjacent items The appliance is designed to operate within a may result in the degradation of freezing limited range of ambient temperatures, capability and increased electricity costs. Allow depending on the climate zone. Do not use the over 50 mm of clearance from each adjacent appliance at a temperature exceeding the limit.
  • Page 14: Removing The Door

    CAUTION Removing the Door • When removing the upper hinge, be sure to When it is necessary to move the appliance support the door as it will fall forwards. It is through a narrow opening, removing the doors recommended that two or more people carry is the recommended procedure.
  • Page 15: Adjusting The Height Of The Door

    NOTE Fasten the keeper nut by turning it counterclockwise. • It is normal installation for the appliance to slightly tilt backwards to close the doors smoothly. Adjusting the Height of the Door To tighten the nut If the door of the appliance is not level, adjust If it is impossible to adjust the height of the the difference in the height of appliance door appliance door through the above method, level...
  • Page 16: Connecting The Appliance

    Connecting the Appliance After installing the appliance, connect the power plug into a socket outlet. NOTE • After connecting the power supply cord (or plug) to the outlet, wait 2 or 3 hours before you put food into the appliance. If you add food before the appliance has cooled completely, your food may spoil.
  • Page 17: Operation

    LG Electronics customer information centre and report the error code. If you turn off the power, Notes for Operation the repair technician from the LG Electronics • Do not use the ice water dispenser tank for customer information centre may have difficulty beverages other than drinking water.
  • Page 18 • Do not wrap and store vegetables with newspaper. Printing material of newspaper or other foreign substances may smear and contaminate food. • Do not overfill the appliance. Cold air can not circulate properly if the appliance is overfilled. • If you set an excessively low temperature for food, it may become frozen.
  • Page 19: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions * This feature is only available on some models. Control Panel This adjusts the freezer and fridge target temperatures. Door in Door* The Door in Door is a double layered door system. It can be opened individually or together with the main door.
  • Page 20 Icemaker* This is where ice is manually produced and stored. Freezer Door Basket This is where small packages of frozen food can be stored. • Do not store ice cream or food which will be stored for a long period of time within these baskets.
  • Page 21 Smart Diagnosis Unit Use this function when contacting LG Electronics customer information centre to help make an accurate diagnosis when the appliance operates abnormally or a failure occurs. LED Lamp The LED lamps inside the appliance light up when you open the door.
  • Page 22 Temperature Sensor This sensor senses the temperature of the fridge compartment. • Maintain the distance between the sensor and food to accurately sense the temperature. Fresh Vegetable Drawer* This is where fruits and vegetables are stored to help maintain freshness by adjusting the humidity controller.
  • Page 23: Control Panel

    Control Panel The actual control panel may differ from model to model. Control Panel and Functions * This feature is only available on some models. Hygiene Fresh Power Fridge Temperature Express Freeze • This sets the fridge target temperature. • This sets Express Freeze functions. Freezer Temperature * Wi-Fi •...
  • Page 24: Icemaker

    Setting the Temperature Setting and Resetting Lock This sets the fridge temperature or freezer This locks the buttons on the control panel. temperature. • Press and hold the Lock button for 3 seconds • Press the Fridge button or Freezer button to .
  • Page 25 <Type 2> Place the ice tray back to its position carefully not to spill water on the floor. Hold the icetray at its ends and twist gently. CAUTION • Be careful not to spill water when inserting the ice tray after filling with water. CAUTION •...
  • Page 26: Door In Door

    Door in Door Removing the Icemaker This feature is only available on some models. Hold both edges of the freezer door basket on top of the icemaker and remove it by Press the button on the door in door until it pulling it up.
  • Page 27: Fresh Vegetable Drawer

    Fresh Vegetable Drawer This feature is only available on some models. The Humidity in the vegetable crisper drawer can be controlled by sliding the lever in either direction. If moved to the left side, the air guide will be open and allow air to circulate through the drawer for reduced humidity.
  • Page 28: Smart Functions

    To check your network frequency, contact your Internet service provider or refer to your wireless router manual. • LG SmartThinQ is not responsible for any network connection problems or any faults, malfunctions, or errors caused by network connection.
  • Page 29 Communicate with the appliance from a smart phone using the convenient smart features. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds to temporarily turn it off. Run the LG Firmware Update SmartThinQ application and follow the instructions in the application to register the Keep the appliance performance updated.
  • Page 30: Using Smart Diagnosis

    • Position the phone so that its microphone is aligned with the speaker hole. Use this function if you need an accurate diagnosis by an LG Electronics customer • The Smart Diagnosis sound is generated after information centre when the appliance around three seconds.
  • Page 31: Maintenance

    Please, contact static discharge that can damage the electronics the LG Electronics customer information centre. or cause an electric shock. • Detach the shelves and drawers and clean them...
  • Page 32: Cleaning The Shelf

    Cleaning the Shelf Refitting the Vegetable Drawer Removing the Fridge/Freezer If the vegetable drawer has a cover, lift it. Shelf Remove the shelf by pulling it out. Insert the bottom of the vegetable drawer into its original position and gently push it back in while lowering it.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    • It is not possible for customers to replace the inside lamp in the appliance does not appliance as they are not serviceable. If the inside lamp does not turn turn on. on, please contact the LG Electronics customer information centre.
  • Page 34 Symptoms Reason & Solution Is the appliance leaning forward? • Adjust the front feet to raise the front side slightly. Were the shelves properly assembled? The appliance door is • Refit the shelves if needed. not closed tightly. Did you close the door with excessive force? •...
  • Page 35 Symptoms Reason & Solution Is the air entry or exit of the freezer compartment blocked? • Make sure that air entry or exit is not blocked so that the air can Frost has formed in circulate inside. the freezer compartment. Is the freezer compartment overfilled? •...
  • Page 36 Symptoms Reason & Solution The defrost control will click when the automatic defrost cycle begins and ends. The thermostat control (or appliance control on Clicking noises some models) will also click when cycling on and off. • Normal Operation Rattling noises may come from the flow of appliance, the water line on the back of the unit (for plumbed models only), or items stored on top of or around the appliance.
  • Page 37 • Find the Wi-Fi network connected to your smartphone and remove it, then register your appliance on LG SmartThinQ Mobile data for your smartphone is turned on. • Turn off the Mobile data of your smartphone and register the appliance using the Wi-Fi network.
  • Page 38 WARRANTY The LG Refrigerator comes with 1 + 4 or 9*(Selected Model) year warranty, from the date of purchase, that comprises of a 1 year warranty on all Parts (except Consumables, Loose Plastic Parts, Glass) in the first year and thereafter a 4 or 9*(Selected Model) year Additional warranty on the compressor, from the date of purchase of the product, provided always that the warranty card bears the rubber stamp, date and signature of our Authorised Dealer.
  • Page 39 Memo...
  • Page 40 24 hours, 7 days a week (except for national holidays) 9711709999 WhatsApp No. 5757554 Mobile ‘LG Service India Mobile App’ available at Google Play Application Regd. Office: LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., A Wing (3rd Floor), D-3, District Center, Saket, New Delhi-110017 Address CIN No. U32107DL1997PTC220109...