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Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual page 7

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Instructions for safe operation
This device must not be used by children. The device and its power cable must be kept away from
This device can be used by people with restricted physical, sensory or intellectual abilities or people
without adequate experience and/or understanding if they are supervised or instructed on how to
use this device safely and if they are aware of the resulting dangers.
Children must not play with the device.
Parts of the surfaces of the device become very hot during operation. During operation,
only touch the operating panel and handles of the device. After operation, only
grip the pot using potholders or oven gloves.
Clean all parts and surfaces that come into contact with food before using the device for the first
time (see "Cleaning and storage" on page 20).
When pressure cooking (with the pressure valve closed): Fill the device only to the maximum filling
level (marking in pot: 2/3), as boiling water may otherwise spray out. If you are preparing food
such as rice or dried vegetables, which swell up during the cooking process, do not fill the pot past
halfway (marking in pot: 1/2).
The channels for pressure regulation much be checked regularly to ensure that they are not blocked
(see "Checking and cleaning valves" on page 20).
Before each use, ensure that the valves are not blocked (see "Preparations before each use" on
page 13).
Do not open the device while it is pressurised. Please take note of the pressure indicator. Wait until
the pressure has dropped, or open the pressure valve until only a little steam is coming out. Never
use force to open the device.
Place the device in a stable position by using the handles, in order to prevent the hot liquid from
If the mains power cable of this device becomes damaged, it must be replaced by an equivalent
power cable. Contact the our customer service.
The base unit, the mains power cable and the mains plug must not be immersed in water or other
If liquid should enter the base unit, pull out the mains plug immediately. Have the device checked
before reusing.
This device is not intended to be operated using an external timer or a separate remote control sys-
In order to avoid overheating, the device must never be covered. Heat can otherwise accumulate in
the device.
Do not lean over the device ...
... when you open the lid and the contents are still hot, and
... when hot steam escapes from the device.
Ensure that no body parts (e.g. hand or arm) are above the pressure valve when you open this us-
ing the pressure valve button and steam escapes. There is a danger of being scalded by escaping
This device is equally intended for use in the home and in applications similar to the home, such as
for example...
... in kitchens for staff in shops, offices and other commercial settings;
... on agricultural properties;
... by customers in hotels, motels and other residential facilities;
... in bed-and-breakfast establishments.
Make sure that no liquid overflows onto the device plug connection.
Remember that the surface of the heating element remains hot after use.
Do not use any abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents.

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