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Assembling Accessories; Storing The Device; Disposal; Ordering Accessories - Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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Pressure valve 1
Figure F: on the top of the lid 5: pull the pressure
valve 1 out upwards.
Figure G: on the underside of the lid 5: pull off the
safety filter 26.
Clean both parts by hand using a mild detergent and
allow them to dry. Use a small brush if necessary for
the small spaces in between.
NOTE: if the inside of the pressure valve 1 is dirty, clean
it with a damp cloth. If soiled with stubborn dirt, clean the
inside of the pressure valve 1 under running water with a
small brush.

12.5 Assembling accessories

Allow all parts to dry completely before reassembling
Reinsert the pressure valve 1 and safety filter 26.
Place the sealing ring 25 back on the underside of
the lid 5. Check:
- that all parts are clean,
- that the silicone plug in the middle of the sealing
ring 25 sits precisely on the holder 28,
- that the seal is fully in contact all the way around.
Place the condensed water tank 11 back into the
holder 22.

12.6 Storing the device

DANGER for children
Keep the device out of the reach of children.
• Allow all parts to dry completely before you put away
the device for storage.
• Do not close the device when you store it.
• Store the device somewhere dry, dust-free and frost-

13. Disposal

This product is subject to the provisions of Eu-
ropean Directive 2012/19/EC. The symbol
showing a wheelie bin crossed through indi-
cates that the product requires separate re-
fuse collection in the European Union. This
applies to the product and all accessories marked with this
symbol. Products identified with this symbol may not be dis-
carded with normal household waste, but must be taken to
a collection point for recycling electric and electronic ap-
This recycling symbol marks e.g. an object or
parts of the material as valuable for recycling.
Recycling helps to reduce the consumption of
raw materials and protect the environment.
When disposing of the packaging, make sure you comply
with the environmental regulations applicable in your

14. Ordering accessories

Accessories for the pressure cooker
SSM 1000 A1 can be reordered.
Ordering online
1. Scan the QR code with your smartphone/tablet.
2. With the QR code you will access a website where
you can submit your re-order.

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