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Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual page 8

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DANGER for children
Packing materials are not children's toys. Children
should not be allowed to play with the plastic bags.
There is a risk of suffocation.
Keep the device out of the reach of children.
DANGER to and from pets and
Electrical devices can represent a danger to pets and
livestock. In addition, animals can also cause damage
to the device. For this reason you should keep animals
away from electrical devices at all times.
DANGER! Risk of electric shock due
to moisture
Liquid and food must always be placed in the pot, and
never directly into the base unit.
The base unit, the mains power cable and the mains
plug must not be immersed in water or other liquids.
Protect the base unit from moisture, water drops and
water splashes: Failure to observe this instruction may
result in an electrical shock hazard.
If liquid should enter the base unit, pull out the mains
plug immediately. Have the device checked before re-
Never touch the device with wet hands.
Make sure that the surface under the device is dry.
DANGER! Risk of electric shock
Do not use the device if the device or the mains power
cable has any visible damage, or if the device has pre-
viously been dropped.
Only connect the mains plug to a properly installed
and easily accessible earthed wall socket whose volt-
age corresponds to the specifications on the rating
plate. The wall socket must still be easily accessible af-
ter the device is plugged in.
Ensure that the mains power cable cannot be dam-
aged by sharp edges or hot points.
When using the device, ensure that the mains power
cable cannot be trapped or crushed.
When removing the mains plug from the wall socket,
always pull on the plug and never the cable.
Pull the mains plug out of the wall socket, ...
... if there is a fault,
... when you are not using the device,
... before you clean the device and
... during thunderstorms.
To avoid any risk, do not make modifications to the

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Table of Contents

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